the boy on the wooden box thomas valdez

Exemplary evaluator may 4th

1:was the youngest worker on schindler's list. 2:he was almost ten when germany invaded poland. 3:he lost two brothers to the war. 4:his real name was leib lejzon. 5:youngest of five children. 6:he lived without electricity and running water for the first few years of his life.7:he later moved to krakow with his family and stayed there throughout the war. 8:his father worked in a glass factory. 9:the city that leon livedin later became the german headquarters. 10:leon was eventually put in a ghetto. 11:he lived there with his family till 1943. 12:then went to work at a concentration camps. 13:he was saved by a man schindler when his dad was employed and later so was he. 14:he worked full 12 hour shifts. 15:schindler also gave him extra food and took him off the line when his eyesight that began to fault. 16:he was moved to gross-rosen concentration camps before the war ended.17:then was moved to brinnlitz. 18:schindler had taken over an arms factory ther as well. 19:he also tried starting several businesses. 20:most failed 21:he died destitute in a hospital. 22:he was 66 when he died. 23:he had also immigrated to the us in 1949. 24: he went to college at Los Angeles City College and California State University. 25: he died of lymphoma and saw schindler one last time before he died in 1974.

connection builder may 3rd

the war in the middle east was similar to the holocaust. They are fighting over the land and culture and which is the true race and or culture. The same thing happened in world war 2. the attributes that are the same are a culture is being persecuted by another and they are all fighting for the "holy land". This is what is happening in the middle east. Were as in ww2 the Nazis just stole to steal and persecuted the jews and homos and anyone who defied them. this is the real world connection i found.

CHARACTER captain may 2

literary luminary april 28

dialectical 1: dialectical 2: dialectical 3:


1:he invaded poland by force. 2:he started to take over poland. 3:he started to put restrictive laws on the jews. 4:he started rounding up and killing the jewish people. 5:he started to fight neighboring countries and started to lose the war and eventually shot himself.

1: Halakhah governed their religious life and daily life 2:follow the mitzvot (commandments) 3:they also follow rabbinic laws. 4:they worshipped at a synagogue. 5:they also have strict dietary laws. 6:has a bar/bat mitzvah at 13. 7:divorce is allowed but frowned upon.

My propaganda is for hitler against the polish people.This particular one is saying that the polish are the enemy of the nazi party. The reason i chose this is because my protagonist lives in poland.Therefore he is the enemy of hitler and the nazi party.

connection builder april 24th

i would say that i have a family like his. everyone has their quirks and personalities. I have a family of six. We all have our personalities and other things.this is what i found in common.

literary luminary

im sorry but i did not have enough time.

DISCUSSION direction

title is the boy on the wooden box the author is leon leyson the genre is historical nonfiction. my quote is

boy on the WOODEN box bio poem

leon leyson he's young innocent loving and a bit devious hes the youngest of 5 children loves his family and his religion feels that the city is wonderous

literary luminary april 10

1- ¨he outwitted the nazis by claiming we were useful to the war effort even though he knew that many of us had no useful skills at all.¨ pg 3 of the prologue he is explaining how a man saved his life in ww2

2-¨my given name is leib lejzon although now i am known as leon leyson. I was born in narewka a rural village in north eastern poland near bialystok not far from the border with belarus¨pg 7 he´s telling his name and where he is from.

3-as the youngest of 5 children i didn't have my mother to myself a lot so one of my favorite times was when my brothers and sisters were at school and my moms neighbor friends came over"pg 9 he is explaining one of his favorite times of the day.

Thomas Valdez - Boy on the wooden box is a book about a jewish boy. He is living in the beginning of world war 2 with hardships already and a father away at work. the book is a non fictional memoir about the little boy and how he survived world war 2. i believe that the ending is gonna end up with the boy revisiting the memory of all that happened to him in world war 2. This is my prediction to the ending of boy on the wooden box.

this is the connectioni found. both had their father's leave because of the war. both lived with their mother and siblings. Both had to live during ww2. Both were young children who werent exactly sure what was going on. both also had brothers and sisters. -connection from -ill come back

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