Bella's Disappearance By: lela mcdonald

Bella and Stella, which were two friends, were both in the Hydro-Drop civilization.All the water droplets adored and respected their queen, Darya.

The queen and the water droplets were all gathered and talking about the other drops from last year getting evaporated. "I was evaporated last year!" shouted Dill, clearly excited.

"I really don't wanna get evaporated." Bella said in a mournful way.

Stella rolled her eyes."And it was super fun! Probably the most fun in all the 110 years of my life!" Dill continued. Stella looked at Bella with a smirk on her face and whisperd, "See. You could have fun. That's what dill said." "Dill doesn't know what he's talking about! He's dill. he finds everything fun." Bella replied in a rude way. "You really don't have to be rude about it." Stella answered.""Stella you just don't understand! Just get away from me." Bella irrelevantly yelped. And with that, Stella swished away to her clam house.

That night Bella couldn't sleep because she was so petrified about being evaporated. The queen woke and saw Bella's nervous expression. Queen Darya invited Bella onto her giant clam bed. "Bella, I see you are worried. Why?" "I will not be evaporated! I refuse." Queen Darya sighed and replied, "That is Qween Alizehs decision. She is qween of the sky as I am ocean." Bella looked away and said. "She better not pick me to be evaporated." She said in a spiteful way. Then she swooshed away to her clam, and fell asleep.

In the morning, Bella woke quite happy. She has not been evaporated over night, just as she thought the evil Qween Alizeh would've done. Bella's swished over to Stella's clam and said, "I did not get evaporated! Man, I would've thought Qween Alizeh would've evaporated me. I bet she's really horrible. I bet she makes the storms and things." Stella gave Bella a rude look and answered,"Qween Alizeh is not horrible, and not evil. She does things for a reason." And Stella shut her clam.

The day was overflowing with happiness and swimming. then night fell. Bella said goodnight to all of her friends, and went to sleep. She felt herself getting pulled on. And yanked on. She figured it was probably one of her friends, Amelia, trying to wake her to show her how amazing the late night fish were. Amelia loved staying up late and watching glowing fish. It must have been a pretty cool fish, because she had been getting pulled on for a long time. Bella didn't want to wake up so she just kept sleeping.

Bella woke above the ocean and repeatedly gasped and screamed. "Hello?! Anyone else getting evaporated?!" Nope. Just her. "Are you kidding me? Just me?" It was a super long ride up, until Bella condesed into the soft clouds. Bella saw a big house made of clouds then thought, really? A big house? Not a castle?. The house was huge, just, not a gorgeous gigantic castle. Bella rested on the clouds and looked for the evil sky Qween, Alizeh. Nothing. Bella thought. "what am I supposed to do now? Walk here forever?" Bella sighed. Why am I. Doing this? Bella thought, right before she yelled the sky queens name.

A beutiful fairy in a white Lacey dress, with big flowing pearl colour wings, appeared out of spiraling clouds. "Hello." She said, her vioce soft and echoing. This is her. Bella thought. The evil fairy who evaporated me! "You! Qween alizeh- are very..." She looks so sweet, and beutiful! Bella thought. But she had to interrupt her good thoughts about the Qween and finish her sentence and tell her she was evil and no good."I am..?" The Qween said with a mistivous smile on her face. "You are terrible." "Oh?" The Qween said. "Yes! You evaporated me when you knew that i didn't wanna!" The Qween gracefully flapped her wings and glided threw the air and to her giant cloud house. She touched the cloud walls and moved her hands in circluler motion and created another cloud house. But smaller. And put a other water droplet in there. "You bella, need to go on some adventures." She said. "I had a very good life in our society! I got to see the evaporated adventure through stories. Thats good enough." Bella answered spitfully. "Oh. Okay then. But before you go--" the swirled her hands at her side and clouds rose up and shaped into a mini house. "Step inside. It will take you back down into the ocean."

"It's about time." Bella whisped to herself. She stepped into the mini cloud house. And waited there a long time. She could feel the little house get colder and more wet. "What is this about?! Why is it wet in here?" Bella yelled in disgust. "Qween alizeh? Are you trying to freeze me?!" Bella shouted, as it the house kept getting colder. Then the house got darker. There was a little window and Bella peered through it. She saw Qween alizeh crouch down next to the house next her, and rode her fingers through the clouds, all around the house. And she got up, put her hand in fist, yanked her hand, and the cloud followed. And there was nothing beneath the dark wet cloud house next to her. Bella could hear the other water droplet screaming while falling.

"You better not make me fall! And why is it so wet in here?" Bella yelled. "It's wet in the cloud because of you." The Qween answered.

"Me? Me? You think I did this? I'm just a water droplet." "That's it. Your a water droplet. Water makes things wet." "I'm begging you Qween Alizeh, don't do this!" Bella pleaded. "You evaporated me and that's enough!" Bella bittersweetly answerd. "Bella, I have to do my job." With that, Qween Alizeh ran her fingers around the house, and yanked the clouds.

Bella precipitated half the sky until she slipped through the bottom of the little cloud. Now, she was heading towards the ocean. "Ugh thank god. At least she didn't lie about one thing." Bella said to herself. When a gust of wind blew her towards land. She saw the Qween in the air, pushing air from her hands. She had a devilish smirk on her face. "Have fun!" The Qween laughed.

SPLAT. Bella bounced of the ground after she hit it hard.

"STUPID QWEEN ALIZEH!! I knew she was no good!" Bella scrame. Bella was muddy and frustrated. She fell on a muddy puddle, bounced on some dirt, and then landed on grass. "The last thing I need-" Bella started to say, as she started to hop along the grass. "Is too soak in to some dirt and infiltrate. Ha! That would just ruin my life." Bella said to her self. As she hoped, she came upon a hill."Oh, a hill. Maybe I can slide down it." Bella said relived. "But what I really need is a swim."

"Or a friend." A voice said. "What-? Who's there?!" Bella looked around cautiously.

Bella turned around and saw a forest. A glowing purple forest. With many flowers. It certainly wasn't there before- she would've noticed! A fairy with a short green flowing dress, with green, purple and white wings. With brown long hair, and white flowers in it. The fairy picked up Bella. "H-h-hello." Bella stamerd. "Greetings. May I ask your name?" The fairy said. "B-Bella." "Ahh..." the fairy said. "W-what's your name?" Bella yelped. The fairy laughed. "My name is Qween Hestia. Qween of earth. May I ask how you got here?" "O-oh. I, uh.. got evaporated, then condensed, t-then, precipitated." "Oh... and I see your the only one here." "Yes!" Bella said angrily."Qween-" the fairy finished her sentence."Qween Alizeh." The fairy laughed. "Sorry I interrupted. Qween Alizeh can come on quit strong."

"And rude." Bella answerd. The fairy looked away and smiled. "You haven't been infiltrated?" "Nah. I'm so cautious and smart there's no way I'd get infiltrated. I pay close attention to where I step." Bella said proudly. "Ahhh...." then, the fairy lifted Bella up, and exedily said, "You will now be infiltrated!" Then, the fairys fist woodshed down, smacking Bella to the ground. Her fist came back up. "Ow! Geez Qween hesytia!" "Oh," she chuckled nervously. "Didn't work that time!" She used her other hand to pluck purple flower pedals. Then set them on the ground. The pedals glowed, and swirled. "This should work." The fairy raised her hand once more, woodshed her fist down.. and....... "Gone!" The fairy yelped in happiness. "Yes!" Then, the purple forest and the Qween disappeared.

Bella screamed and screamed as she went down the ground tunnels, with whooshing water. She had to turn, and turn, and dodge rocks.

Bella bounces up and down and goes under the water multiple times. She hits her head on a rock. And all goes black.

The next thing she knows is that shes at the bottom of a body of water! She sees the tunnel under her. She swims around exidedly. "STELLA!! QWEEN ALIZEH! DILL! AMELIA! I'm back! I'm back!" Bella stops. Then, she realizes she's lost. "I'll never find my home again! The oceans so big!" Then she hears a voice. "Ocean? Haha! This is Lake Michigan!" Bella turns around and sees another water droplet. Then, a wave crashes on her. Spiraling under the water, the water droplet grans her and helps her up. "My names bainbridge. But you can call me bb." He says. "Thanks bb. Is there any other way to get back to the ocean?" "Yes! But you'll have to get evaporated again and hope for the best! Or you can stay and stay home with us!" "Us?" Bella says. "Yeah! We live in a awesome underwater sand castle! Oh please stay it'd be so fun!" Bella thanked him and said she'd think about it.

The next day, Bella met with bb. "Are ya stayin?" "Yes. I can't get evaporated again." That night all the water droplets celebrated and stayed up late. Then watched the stars. A year later, Bella became a teacher and taught about getting evaporated. She missed her friends. But now, she lives a new life. A happy life.

The end!!

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