Journey Log 9 By: Tyler Kendrick

So I did not really go to class this week for multiple reasons, so I am not really sure how I am suppose to reflect on the past week, class related anyways. Well my week started on Sunday when I was leaving from visiting my sister at the University of North Carolina (or University of National Champions, you decide). As my family is leaving, I get these really bad hives. They were all over my face and they would not go away. I felt like crap the entire weekend because I thought that I was just tired from going out and staying up late, etc. Well I felt really bad for a while now and I decided that something was not quite right. I think back and I realize that I have not felt good for a whole month. So I talk to my mom and we decided that I needed to go to a doctor that we were comfortable with because the school doctors have not "fixed" me yet. The appointment is for Tuesday and I go and they ask me a bunch of questions and stuff like that trying to figure it out. Well basically, I've been sick for the past month and a half with the flu TWICE, stomach virus, and sinus infections. The doctors decide that I need to go to another doctor to get blood work done. I did not know how to feel going into this because blood does not really bother me, it was just they were testing for so many things that I have not heard of before. Well they filled up 9 (YES, 9!) test tubes of blood up to be tested for different things. After that I went home and got sleep, like I have been the entire week because I am exhausted. I started to get phone calls in one at a time in waves to give me my results back. Well, it turns out that I have mono and a bad case at that. My immune system is completely shot due to lack of sleep, stress, and unhealthy eating habits. The weather was too bad for me to come back to Clemson on Wednesday (hurricane crazy), so my mother made me stay another night. Thursday morning came and I came back to Clemson only to sleep for most of the days and weekend. I am not really sure what we went over in class, but I am sure it had to deal with working with our groups on the projects that we are suppose to be doing. My guild leader Ashley, is on top of things making sure that we get things done when they need to be.

Now relating my past week to the Habits of Mind is where it gets tricky and creative. We can start with creativity by making this use my creativity to find ways to make it a learning aspect. Also, responsibility is a habit of mind that I will use to make sure that I am caught up on the work that I have missed during this week. Lastly, flexibility is the last on that I will use because I am now flexible to make sure that I catch up with my busy schedule.

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