Nature Activity at FLMNH

Nature and Ethics

The exhibit on South Florida and the Environment is the exhibit that most represents the theme of Nature and Ethics. This exhibit shows how the Native Americans living in south Florida really lived off the land. This idea of living off the land corresponds with Leopold's idea of nature. The exhibit shows how people used every natural resource available to their advantage, including hunting, shelter, etc. I think this exhibit expresses how people now take the natural world for granted rather than using and providing for nature. This exhibit made me realize how different life was many years ago in South Florida. It really makes viewers think about how we need to save our planet. This exhibit was interactive with some displays and videos to help viewers get different interpretations. I believe other viewers may like this exhibit to show how different life was. My experience in the museum can instill ethical responsibilities such as trying to keep our earth clean and not taking our resources in the environment for granted.

Nature and The Human Spirit

I think the Florida Fossils exhibit is a great representation of the idea of nature and the human spirit. It's both weird and interesting to think about all the previous animals that occupied our land and sea but no longer exist. For example, the Florida sea cow which was around over 55 million years ago. Thinking about extinct animals and other organisms can be helpful in trying to preserve our environment to prevent other species such as our own from going extinct. It is very interesting to think that these very unique animals lived on the same earth as us.

Nature on Display

The Butterfly exhibit at the FLMNH is a very beautiful exhibit that exemplifies the concept of nature on display. Walking through the exhibit I was surrounded by beautifully colored butterflies and plants. The most appealing aspect of the exhibit was the natural beauty of the butterflies flying around. I really enjoyed watching the butterflies flutter around and even feed on some bananas . This exhibit was able to provide a real perspective on the natural world which is hard to produce. I prefer viewing life plants and insects rather than looking at a picture of plants and insects. Walking through this exhibit was very enjoyable to relax and observe nature.


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