Circulatory system Ethan Mueller

Body Parts of the Circulatory System

Heart: The heart is located by the right lung, it sends blood to the whole entire body. The 12 ribs care and protect the heart. The heart is the one of the main organs. A humans heart is the size of your fist. The heart is this thing that is by your chest and people think it is really big but it actually isn't it is the size of your fist.

Arteries: The arteries are located in the legs and arms and other places. The arteries carry the blood away from our heart. The pulmonary arteries carry oxygen and poor blood from the heart to the lungs under low pressure. The skin cares and protects the arteries. The arteries are organs.

Veins: The veins are located everywhere in your body like in your wrist,legs and other places. The veins bring the blood to your heart so th body works. The skins care and protect the veins. The veins are organs. The veins are these blue things that you see in your arm even though they aren't blue in your body.

Blood: Your blood is located in your veins and arteries and all over in your body. The blood carries nutrients to the whole entire body. This is how the blood is care and protected the veins bring the blood to the heart so the body runs and works right. Blood is a cell. The blood is red slimy stuff that's everywhere in your body.

Spleen: The spleen is located on the left side of the abdomen. It helps cleanse your blood bad bacteria and viruses. The rib cage cares and protects the spleen. Spleen is an organ. The spleen helps you so you don't get icky stuff like bacteria and viruses in your.


Created with images by Double--M - "Blood vessels of the face, circa 1900" • Double--M - "Surgical-Anatomical Tables by Anton Nuhn, 1846"

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