Technology Integration By: Melissa johnson


Teachers use technology in the classroom to connect students to the world around them, engage students for deeper learning, and check for comprehension.

As newer electronics are being introduced to the classrooms and technology is becoming more familiar, teachers are more willing to use the resources available to supplement their lessons if they have proper instruction on the use of technology.

As teachers learn and become confident, technology becomes part of their lessons.

In order for teachers to become confident in their abilities to use technology in their classroom, they need to have ample opportunities to learn new skills.

There are many safe and educational websites and apps that can be used for educational instruction. These websites allow teachers to supplement instruction, encourage collaboration, and provide teachers with instantaneous feedback from students.

There are many benefits to using technology in the classroom. Students are entering a work force that is driven by technology. They need to have the knowledge and skills required to succeed. In addition, technology can be used for independent research as well as group collaboration.


Libraries can use technology to promote resources and services.

Librarians can use various technology resources to collaborate with teachers.


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