Bearhawk N152GH how to spend 6 years of your life building an airplane

I never thought about building an airplane but after finishing Wolfgangs F1 EVO , I purchased a BEARHAWK quickbuild kit on August 18th, my 48th birthday. This page tells the story about how to build a plane... but also about the fun being able to fly! GET HIGH ! FLY

After we finished Wolfgangs F1 EVO we did not know what to do on our Saturdays. So, why not build another airplane? Because I did not want the high speeds the F1 could fly but more utility I had the choice between a GLASTAR Sportsman 2+2 or a AviPro BEARHAWK. After juggling the numbers, the Sportsman seemed to be to expensive overall and so I I made the decision in favor of the BEARHAWK which I ordered on August 18th, 2005, my 48th birthday. That was a big birthday present which would keep Wolfgang and me busy for the next 6 years. There have been a lot of obstacles until the airplane took off the first time and without the support of some people I couldn’t have done it. First I have to thank my wife Heike and Wolfgang’s wife Michelle for all the Saturdays they had to spend without husbands. Heike kept us alive by preparing lunch for two hungry aviators/mechanics and after having that it was always difficult to go back into the shop and start working again. Most of all I have to thank my buddy Wolfgang , who “saved the project” ( thats an insider) a couple of times and without him, it would have taken much longer to build that airplane. He convinced me to build the heaviest BEARHAWK on the planet ;-) and always came up with some good ideas when we got stuck at some point. I need to thank Phil, who did let me fly his Husky to build up some tailwheel time. I also want to thank Jim Holder who, as an EAA counselor came to check the progress. He wrote two progress reports which both ended with the words “ better than certified”. Also a thank you to my DAR Ron Livingston, who inspected the airplane and who did find the only missing nut on a bolt at the right flap. On July 12th the airplane took off the first time and that was a very exciting feeling. After 6 years it was done. A new airplane was “born” . You might ask: what are you going to do with you Saturdays now? I can ensure you, I will not build another airplane! I bet Heike has some ideas! Georg Himmeroeder Alamogordo, July 22nd, 2012

The kit arrives

It took a while to get everything off the trailer and the garage filled up more and more.

Drilling First Holes

We where still working on Wolfgangs F1 but I needed to drill the first holes ( from thousands to come.) I also fabricated the templates for the floorboards and did a seat check.

Metal Work

The metal work was fun, although the aluminum sucks all humidity out of your skin, so that you get cracks after a while. Anyway. We both enjoyed working with that material and I guess we did a pretty good job!

Oshkosh 2007

We needed to get out to get some motivation. So we flew to Oshkosh, the big EAA Fly In . About 12.000 Airplanes and 800.000 people from all over the world gather there during that one week We where able to check out a 3000 HP Seafury, but where not lucky enough to get a ride.

September 2007

I did read about a “new” aircraft covering System, called the STEWARD system. It was clear, that I needed an environmentally safe system because I was going to cover and paint my aircraft in the garage/driveway. I couldn’t poison the neighborhood with some toxic paint vapors. The Steward system seemed to be the solution. It is a water based system. September 2007 I flew to Cashmere, WA to visit one of their seminars. Great experience!! Here Doug Steward is demonstrating how to iron the fabric around the corners and how to apply reinforcing tapes, before we applied the UV protection.

learning to spray paint

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