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horizontal selfie : this is a picture of me and one of my best friends kamarie on picture day I was just taking random pictures
vertical selfie : CLOUT
vertical familiar object: blurry but its a keyboard againnn
familiar object : dusty ole keyboard
vertical family member: my little brother jr. taking a bath
horizontal family member


vertical portrait: kamarie on picture day tHe MeLaNiN
horizontal portrait : this is me mum
vertical snapshot : low-key planned
horizontal snapshot : caught that boy lacking


this is my final photo , it represents women power and diversity
an issue important to me : acceptance of diversity . this my family and we have lots of different colors and nationalitys but we all love each other

week six

Artist statement

my message was embracing diversity and I chose this picture of my family because I wanted to show that even though each of my family members are unique and different in their own for , from color , ethnicity , shape and size but the most important thing about it is that we all still love each other and care about each other because family is always gonna be family no matter what you look like and love like that is something that should be spread across the world and instead of people being ashamed of their differences and people hating them for their differences the world should accept and or even celebrate everyones unique self and I feel that would make the world a better place because everyone would be comfortable in their own skin because they would feel safe to not be discriminated against because of what they are or look like

Created By
Natalia S


Created with images by Bess-Hamiti - "tree sunset amazing"

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