Cleaning up a Garden The well fed community garden

For my Photojournalism Project I went with the Environmental Club to the Well Fed Community Garden. There I took pictures from several different view points and got a mix of candid pictures and posed pictures.

Top left photo shows a bird's eye view of the club members being taught what to do, it also shows reaction because they are reacting and listening to what she is saying. Top right picture shows a worm's eye view of members weeding the plants, and bottom picture shows a strong subject focusing in on the two girls.
The rule of thirds is shown because the members are towards the right side of the frame.
In the left picture, the rule of framing is seen because Denise (the girl in the white shirt) is in the middle of two poles, it also shows action. The right picture displays leading lines because the eye follows the long table and the stuff going on around it.
The picture on the left depicts a selective focus photo and both the pictures convey repetition as well as environmental portrait.
Environmental Club ends the day by going to the beach. This picture conveys a back light photo.


All photo taken by Raven Barton

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