"Eat your quiche!" (bloody dog won't eat his quiche!)

Do you have bloody dog who won't eat his quiche? Not even "Lorraine" edition? Oh my gosh – big coincidence as me too. Even if you blow it for him after put in toaster? What are the chances of this? Oh, these dogs, eh? What are they like? Don't answer please, it's better.

Nice big one this one.

Above are some exhibits so you know what I am talk about. You know: dogs, the hairy ones who shout in the streets. And quiche: the egg pie from Marks.

Here above is a You Tube by a Jeff so you can learn how to make your own nice quiche in case Marks' Head of Quiche walks out after protracted pay row. He deserves fair treatment like every egg pie "maestro" and I salute him for standing up to both Mark and Spencer. Those two, eh?

This kind of quiche I like to call "Square Quiche". Mainly because of the design.

For me this quiche is too deep. I reject this design of quiche. Please scroll quickly. Don't really want to dwell on this quiche.

This quiche too far to "gooey" thank you very much. More like a drink. An egg drink but somehow flat... hmmm... actually... hmmm... quite clever. Yes. I like this. But will my dog? Probably not because he NEVER eat his BLOODY quiche as I think I mention.

No comment on this particular quiche.

This one have a bit of bush trapped within it. Shame really but accidents do happen. Even in the world of quiche!!!

So, hopefully that was a nice time for you and you learn a lot. Please come to this page again for more of the exact same. But for now...

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Peter Geoffreys


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