Wayward 2019 Road trip

Florida temps are in the triple digits....and the road to Alaska (and so much in between) beckons.

Sunrise at Home

Our first stop was with wonderful friends in Suwanee, Tennessee.

Southern Tennessee
Deb & Rick’s place - what a beautiful spot they have!

We kayaked on Day Lake, then hiked the Fiery Gizzard trail, including the spur to the historic CCC site where Rick D. has volunteered his considerable energy and talents.

Day Lake

Next stop was The Land Between The Lakes in southwestern Kentucky, a 170k-acre peninsula of protected federal land between the Cumberland and Tennessee rivers. Kentucky Lake is a dammed portion of the Tennessee River, where I learned to swim from a houseboat at the age of seven.

Redd Hollow, Kentucky Lake
Pisgah Bay, Kentucky Lake. The houseboats have AC now, but the insect population still thrives!
It was a very good day!
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