Scientific Research Sophie Bruns, CLass 2, May 13, Genus: URSus

Reproduction- All life produces offspring. Asexual reproduction is without sex. Sexual reproduction is with sex -- the union of sperm and egg.

Dr. Steven C. Amstrup is a chief scientist for Polar Bears International and a professor at the University of Wyoming in Laramie. He studies and estimates the populations of large mammals, including polar bears.

A mother polar bear and her two cubs.
Predicted changes in polar bear litter size as a function of on-shore arrival date.

Maintains Homeostasis- All life keeps a stable internal body condition.

According to Merav Ben-David, a wildlife ecologist at the University of Wyoming in Laramie, the ice is melting earlier each summer and freezing later each winter, limiting polar bears' chances of catching seals. The polar bear metabolic rate is decreasing because they have a restricted diet.

Polar bears have tube-like strands of fur that absorb heat so that they can maintain a constant body condition and stay warm in the cold snow.
This is a diagram that shows the ways a polar bear maintains homeostasis by using different features of the body.

Adapts to the Environment- All life evolves over time and becomes better suited to the environment.

Elizabeth Peacock is a USGS researcher who examines the genetic makeup of polar bears and estimates levels and directions of their gene flow. She studies polar bear mating and movement as the earth gets warmer and the climate changes.

Here, a group of polar bears has to swim in freezing cold water in order to reach solid ice platforms. In the spring and summer, the ice melts, so polar bears have to swim far distances to get to dry land.
This diagram shows the adaptations of the polar bear.

Uses Energy- All life uses energy, the ability to do work.

Just recently, a research team in Svalbard, a group of islands in the Norwegian Arctic, has observed a starving polar bear eating a dolphin and burying the leftovers in the snow to save for later. This was very surprising because generally, polar bears eat seals. Scientists have never seen polar bears eating this species of dolphin before.

Polar bears snacking on whale meat.
This diagram shows the food chain of a polar bear.

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