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RB Sellars has a rich and proud family history in serving the community with high quality footwear, workwear and fashionwear from “Outback to Ocean”. Currently RB Sellars employs 78 staff (33 in retail across 4 stores) and 45 in house at Abbotsford HQ) with a turnover of $20M (67% online and 33% catalogue).

RB Sellars has had continued success, although recently has delivered “soft” results and is now poised for investment in its’ operating structures, processes and risk profile, to underpin significant growth plans. It is anticipated that the greatest growth will be achieved in online and stores sales and its’ expansion plans are being aligned as such.

Amongst other operational areas for focus, RB Sellars has identified risk and the associated need to build its’ HR function in a simple, cost effective and unencumbered manner, which enables rather than stifles, the business and leadership team. Specific areas identified for review and actions are:

  • HR Policy & Procedures
  • Hiring Procedures, Controls and Onboarding
  • Time & Attendance, Procedures and Controls
  • Performance Management
  • Learning & Development
  • Current Employee Engagement Climate
  • OH&S (Omitted from this proposal upon request)

Our Credentials

Verve People delivers holistic business, HR and talent solutions, by connecting people across employer, employee and supplier networks.

Verve People works with employers to achieve targeted business objectives through people strategies, connecting the best specialist solutions the market has to offer in terms of technology and resources. Specialist services include but are not limited to:

  • HR Strategy, Delivery & Support
  • Recruitment Strategy, Delivery & Support
  • Sourcing, Employment Branding & Advertising
  • Onboarding and Employee/Candidate Communications
  • Screening Technology, Personality Profiling and Ability Testing
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing
  • CRM, ATS & RMS
  • Developing Values Driven, Performance Culture
  • Leadership Development, Mentoring and and Coaching

Verve People delivers results through the unique and specialist capability of “people”.

Cyrus D’Cruz – RB Sellars Account Director (Verve People Managing Director) Cyrus is spearheading the development and delivery of a new and refreshing approach to the attraction, sourcing, management and development of his client’s greatest asset, its’ people.

With over 20 years experience in the sector, Cyrus has a deep understanding of the changing nature and needs of the talent market. Cyrus has delivered significant outcomes for organisations, by marrying best practice HR and recruitment strategies with organisational priorities, both critical measures of success for clients, his business and himself.

Meaghan Sutherland - RB Sellars Delivery Lead, Talent (Verve People Director) Meaghan is Director with Verve People, leading the development and delivery of a new and refreshing approach to talent sourcing and technology, management and customer service. Connecting employer and talent communities to address the limitations of the market, Meaghan aims to re-vitalise the sector, dramatically reducing costs, improving efficiencies and redefining quality.

Meaghan’s specialist recruitment and leadership expertise spans over 5 years and has seen her deliver remarkable results for her clients ranging from large complex corporates, to start up organisations. Meaghan is known for her strong business relationships, built on trust and mutual respect, with a competitive nature, which ensures success.

Annole Steyn- RB Sellars Delivery Lead, HR & OD (Verve People Specialist) With of over twenty five years experience in human capital investment, organisational development and creating values-driven performance cultures, Annole brings a wealth of specialist HR experience to Verve People.

Annole’s strategic guidance has been applied to define and streamline policy and procedures, enhancing operational efficiencies, developing and strengthening management teams, cultivating positive and collaborative company cultures and ultimately driving company profitability. As a board level business partner with international experience, Annole specialises in strategic change initiatives and is well versed in dealing with the globe’s largest firms through to start up concerns.

Our Staged and Targeted Approach

Verve People understands the significant importance of this work but also the cost sensitivity of RB Sellars through this period of change and growth. Our aligned approach is designed to be staged in various components, to allow for critical examination of RB Sellar’s “current state” and allow for detailed modular recommendations as to a “best fit state”, to permit immediate action in critical areas and also staggered action for those areas important, but not urgent.

Verve People suggests initially, only a diagnostic and recommendation consulting project, which will deliver key recommendations and costings for RB Sellars for further consideration and investment. These research based recommendations will be underpinned by Verve People’s deep IP, knowledge and experience in this specialist field and in the context of RB Sellars' overarching strategy.


Research will be critical in understanding the 'current state' of technology, resources, capability and the environment. Most important, will be the need to examine and identify the core needs for the business from an operational efficiency, cost, risk and usability perspective.

Two full days will be dedicated to this research and involve varying time from Cyrus, Meaghan and Annole. A structured questionnaire will be developed and then used to capture both quantitative and qualitative data relating to 'current state' and business priorities. We anticipate a small level of research will be dedicated to current systems and procedures (primarily with Joan) and a heavier allocation to interviews (est. 12-20) with key departments and stakeholders.


Verve People will dedicate one full day for the team to properly analyse data, compartmentalising and prioritising focus areas for attention.

Verve People will call on over 50 years of specialist HR and Talent experience in identifying measured and targeted recommendations, in the context of RB Sellars needs and priorities, including but not limited to costs, risk, efficiencies and productivity. Given our initial understanding of RB Sellars current position, we will ensure our recommendations are charged over two days only, although we would expect to actually need at least four days for this exercise (that’s what weekends and nights are for surely). Availability depending, we would then arrange a two hour session with key stakeholders to explore insights and recommendations and agree, allocation and timing of actions required.

Our Flexible Pricing

For Consulting of this nature, Verve People charges on a day rate plus GST basis. Typically, Verve People would base pricing on cumulative cost allocations of resources required, rates being driven by the tenure of the engagement. Based on our association and friendship with RB Sellars, we want to throw that “typical rule out the window” and will offer a fixed price for this program of work with all resources required to ensure robust research, diagnostic and recommendations are delivered. Below is a summary of quoted costs with an example of what typical costs would otherwise be.

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