Don't Give Up BY: Shelbi Erbentraut

Get Back up When you get knocked down

We all get knocked down and that’s ok, as long as we stand back up and continue to live our lives. We all dread that one day that we wake up and discover we have a cold, or illness, not to mention the days that we trip or fall and break a bone. Everything that happens to us we never know that it’s going to happen. We can get up and have a perfect day with no problems other than spilling your coffee or we can get the worse news of our lives and be told that we can’t continue to do what we love. For professional athletes playing a sport is what they love to do in this world. There are even young kids that have the dream of becoming a professional athlete and they love the game they play. Now you’re probably wondering why I’m talking about getting back up when things get tough and then how much some people enjoy playing a game for a living. Its all to talk about continuing what you love if one day you do get that bad news and you have a doctor tell you, that you can’t continue. Three prime examples are Elena Delle Donne, Araron Foltheringham aka “Wheelz”, and Isabell Picard. They each have their own unique story and their own tragic news, but they never let that stop them. They faught and continue to fight everyday for what they love to do most.

Elena Delle Donne

Elena Delle Donne is a Professional athlete, who plays basketball for Chicago Sky. She is a 6-foot-5 basketball player that has won the WNBA MVP Award, and is the leading scorer for the Chicago sky and won the rookie of the year award. This amazing athlete woke up one day and discovered something terribly wrong. She realized that she couldn’t get of bed or lift her arms up, and she had horrible migraines. At this point she knew she had to go to the hospital and find out what was wrong. She went through so many test and different doctors none of them could find anything wrong with her. “ I thought basketball was over, I even thought that I wasn’t going to be able to graduate college because I was too tired to even get up and go to class” said Delle Donne. Finally one doctor who had experienced these symptoms before ran the correct test and diagnosed her with Lyme disease. She went on for two years after taking medication for the disease perfectly fine, until 2010 when it resurfaced and was more aggressive this time. She found a lyme disease specialist that took her case on and found that she was having flare-ups that isn’t curable. It can be controlled and manages with the right medication. Her disease still becomes an issue when it decides to get bad for the player, but she doesn’t let it stop her. She battles every day to get better and be better to play the game she loves. With battling a disease its harder and she has to push deeper to just continue to stay at the same level as the other players. So to be better then the others she has to work even more.

Araron Foltheringham aka “Wheelz”

Araron was born with spina bifida, a birth defect of the spinal cord. With these he has no usage of his legs therefore he is bound to a wheel chair. But it doesn’t stop him for he is a professional BMX rider. He used crutches until he was 8 years old then he used the chair. He would watch his brother and other kids at the skate park riding their bikes and decided he wanted to do it to. The first time he dropped in and tried too do a trick he fell. But was determined and got back up and did it again. From that point on he was hooked and decided he wouldn’t let anything stop him. He has know won many BMX freestyle competitions. Everyday he pushes himself to learn a bigger and better trick. He his also a member of the Nitro Circus Crew that travels around the world putting on shows full of tricks and flips for people.

Isabella Picard

Isabella was a softball player for St. Joseph who suffered from a spinal cord injury while playing division one college softball in a game on April 18th 2015. She broke her neck on a play stealing a base from first to second and when the ball got into her running path her the second base player collided. Isabella hit the other players knee with her head resulting in the broken neck. She was temporarily paralyzed on most of the right side of her body. She spent two months in a rehab therapy in Boston to help gain function. She still continues aggressive therapy session to get better. She didn’t expect this to happen and didn’t see it coming but she hasn’t let it stop her at all. She has a range of young followers on social media that support her and continue to motivate her. She continues to fight every day and hopes to play softball once more to continue her dream.

In the end anything can happen to us, and when it does are we going to let it defeat us or get back up and continue to do what we love? These three athletes are only the start of examples, there are so many more that have their own story and tragic event that they pushed through and became bigger and stronger for.

"Push yourself again and again. Don't give an inch until the final buzzer sounds." -Larry Bird

Reflective Piece

My overall goal and purpose for writing this piece was to target the real world community that has woken up one day and find that they can no longer do what they love. It was to change their mind and allow them to see that no matter what the news is they can get back up and continue to do what they love after all. I used real people from a variety of how they continued to do what they love. From someone that woke up and discovered they had a disease, to someone that was born paralyzed but still found a way to be in an extreme sport, and finally a girl that simply was playing her favorite sport and had a freak accident happen. With citing a source with MLA format on a computer screen its not as applying, as citing with a hyper link is because its not interactive. When reading on a computer screen you simple want to be able to click on a word or phrase and be able to go to the webpage it was found at. With MLA you cant do that so I believe citing with a hyper link is better. I feel I could improve on my language and getting my point across better. I would go more in-depth with their stories and try to explain better.

Intro to Photo Essay

I used theses photo because it shows many different examples of people that didn’t give up. It’s a range from professional athletes, to everyday people that continue to do what they want and don’t allow their disabilities, injuries, or disease stop them from playing. The community its targeted towards are those that find out information like that and think they can’t continue, when they actually can.


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