Persepolis Julia Espinoza

Claim: Iranians can relate to Americans more than people think.

  1. "I put my posters up in my room. I put my 1983 Nikes on... And my denim jacket with my Michael Jackson button, and of course, my headscarf." (Page 131, Panels 1-4)
  2. "For an Iranian mother, my mom was very permissive. I only knew two or three other girls who could go out alone at thirteen." (Page 131, Panel 7)
  3. "I bought two tapes: Kim Wilde and Camel." (Page 132, Panel 2)
  • "In spite of government censorship, western products and cultural references abound in Satrapi's Iran."
  • "Marji, her character, listens to popular western music, wears western-style clothes, goes to parties, and, as Christopher Theokas remarks in his 2003 review, rebels against her parents and society like any western teen."

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