Drawing and Painting by Elijah larson

Graphite Drawing

Problem to Solve: Refresh your knowledge of graphite by recording the highlights, shadows, and reflective light cast upon a sphere or simple object.

Reflection - I didn't learn too much. I think this project gave me confidences about me and my skill in graphite drawings.

Colored Pencil Object Drawing.

Problem to Solve: Add the variable of color to your knowledge of value. Observe and record the hue, value, and color intensity cast upon a simple colored object under a spotlight. Optional Challenge: Place the colored object within a differing colored corner of a box to record the colored reflective light cast upon both surfaces.

Reflection - I think this was challenging. This was kind of like graphite but with color and if you make a mistake you really cant fix it. Also it was challenging to gradate.

Emotional Interpretation Response.

Elijah LarsonWed Feb 1, 2017 at 1:47 pm

I feel the drawing gives a rugged feel and is tiring because the boots are slumped down and the laces are every where and Also they look like work boots so Van Gogh might have been trying to show the emotion of tiredness and like hard work

Problem to Solve: Observe the visual clues in the artworks and use them to decode your own emotional interpretation.

Object Possessing Emotion.

Problem to Solve: Create an image of an object in such a way that it feels like it possesses an emotion.

Reflection - I learned how to use colored pencils to do the same thing as graphite. I also learned how to compose the art so that it has emotion and I have never ever really thought about that.

PPF Layered Artwork.

Problem to Solve: Utilize the ink wash technique to accurately replicate an image of a significant setting in your past.

Reflection - I learned many things

The Memory Project

Problem to solve: Create a realistic glaze painting of your chosen person by layering thin coats of each color on top of each other and in order from light to dark. Place the correct hue (color) in the correct place with the correct value and edge.

reflection - I have never really painted so I have learned that I like this.

Sketch Books


Problem to Solve: Design a personal mark, symbol, icon or logo which could be used in a resume, portfolio, business card, etc. Your design will have a black and white version and a multiple color version.

reflection - didn't learn anything.

Problem to Solve: Draw a simple object of your choice from observation by recording the light values and highlights on the object.

reflection - didn't learn really anything because I did this one in a rush. Only thing I learned was that I can do a crappy sketch boo in 15 minutes.

Problem to Solve: Transform an existing photograph into a stencil design.

reflection - Didn't learn much because I have doe stenciling before but I learned to be more careful.

Problem to solve: For this sketchbook assignment you will create an illustration that depicts a phobia. This can be a phobia that you may have already or one that you find interesting or different. How will you depict the phobia you have chosen? Check out the website phobialist.com for a list of phobias that will help generate some ideas. Aim to create an image that temporarily gives us the phobia chosen.

reflection - I learned how to become more patient with the art work.
Tattoo for Teacher

Problem to solve: Design a tattoo for a teacher. Use color. Write a paragraph explaining how the design reflects the teacher you chose.

reflection - I learned how to be more creative and think of an idea instead of being given an idea.

Second Quarter

PPF Layered Artwork

Problem to Solve:

Thoughtfully combine three layers of meaning and imagery to create a strong composition with a united theme/idea.

Artist Transformation Poster

Problem to Solve: Change the composition and potential interpretation of an historical artwork by transforming a poster into the next version of itself. You must include hand mixed colors of paint, but you may also collage, print make, and/or use any other media of your choice.

Reflection- I learned many things from this art project. One thing I learned was how to be more relaxed with my art and another thing is that I learned how to do a different genera of art.

Landscape Painting

Paint and sip

Problem to Solve: Replicate a painting by Ryan O'Rouke to learn the general approach to landscape painting.

Reflection- I didn't learn much fro this. It was a struggle and I thought it was gunna be easy but it wasn't.

Impressionistic "Plein Air" Landscape Painting

Reflection- I didn`t learn much but I did learn how much u have to focus. Another thing I learned was how hard this is.

Stretch book

Problem to Solve: Visually invsetigate image making for a minimum of one hour.

Reflection- I didn't learned much this was mostly just something I did that I was comfortable with.

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