Sacred Spiral Sound Journeys A healing sound and music experience For Small to medium size groups Or Individuals and couples

What is it?

Our ‘Soundscape Journeys’ combine live performance with nature sounds such as Thunder Storms, Ocean surf, Exotic Birds and Animals. Also available as mp3/WAV downloads.

Giant Tordado Coming
Powerful Sound for Armchair Travel
Acoustic, Ethnic Instruments

A unique 55 minute event taking us on an incredible journey into less traveled places of sound, music and experience. This powerful Stress Release activity is the perfect add in to your spa or lodge experience. Also at Boutique Hotels, B&B's, Conference Centers and Guest Houses.


Enter agitated, distracted and generally stressed by the high intensity of modern living. Leave relaxed, calm and refreshed, with a clear mind and new energy to take to your day.

Composer and Performer, Paul Carlos has created this one-of-a -kind experience. Paul plays Spanish Guitar, Didgeridoo, Ethnic Instruments such as African Djembe and Kalimba, Tibetan Bowls, Steel Finger Drum, Chimes, Overtone Chanting and other vocal techniques.

Tibetan Singing Bowls
Sound of Jungle Rivers, Birds and Exotic Animals

We offer a complete range of Audio Downloads that can be used privately or in a Hotel, Lodge, Spas, B&B or Guest House setting. Conference Centers can offer our amazing process as an activity for their clients and charge a commission to earn income.

Stunning setting at Forum Homini Boutique Hotel

Individuals, couples and organisations can gain real benefit from undertaking a bespoke Sacred Spiral healing and personal development program.

Ocean Surf for Deep Relaxation

We look forward to chatting to you to arrange a booking.

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