#TCEA17 I learned and i share

I was lucky enough to go to the TCEA convention this year and it was great. Here are some cool tricks and tips that I learned and would love to share with you!

Great Maker Challenge

The first session I went to was The Great Maker Challenge. Students were challenged to create a Rube Goldberg with only certain materials.

Great Maker Challenge Supplies

The students all got these materials and were challenged to create! This sounds like the kids would have so much fun!

Eric Sheninger

Make sure you follow Eric on Twitter! He's got amazing information on how his schools use technology to increase rigor and increase learning.

Technology is a tool, not a learning outcome."

How are you effectively using technology in the classroom?

Kids Deserve It

If you haven't read this book, you definitely should! Kids Deserve It is an amazing book that truly makes you think about what you can be doing to let kids know that they matter! Todd Nesloney @techninjatodd (in picture) and Adam Welcome @awelcome collaborated and shared some amazing ideas of some ways that we can make sure every child believes that they matter! He also talked about teachers joining forces with athletes as mentors for the classroom through Classroom Champions. Todd is truly inspiring. See what the conversation is all about on Twitter with the hashtag #KidsDeserveIt.

Using Snapchat in the classroom

Do you believe that Snapchat is "bad?" Well get that thought out of your head. As educators, it is our job to keep up with what kids are already into and make sure they know how they can use that tool for GOOD!

Snapchat can be used to connect the community with your class or school. You can have children add Snaps throughout the day about what they learned and what is going on in the classroom. At the end of the day, you can download your story and share it on Twitter or YouTube and show your community what you are doing.

Booksnaps are a great way for kids to take a picture of a book (or part of a book), annotate, and add a caption. They can also "FaceSwap" with a character and speak as if they were that character. So many possibilities.

As an administrator, you can have a school account and have team leads add snaps throughout the day of the fun and learning going on in the school!

Did you know that Snapchat has a built in QR reader?

Press and hold on the QR code and the link pops up!

BreakoutEDU- co-founder Adam Bellow

I got to finally participate in a BreakoutEDU game (as opposed to just facilitating) with the co-founder Adam Bellow @adambellow. It was so much fun. Not only did we participate, but in a different session, we learned certain steps on how we can go about creating our own BreakoutEDU game. Follow the Hashtag #BreakoutEDU on Twitter and find cool ideas on their Facebook page.

Creative Commons

Students should not just be searching Google and using any picture that comes up. Here is an easy way to use non-copyrighted images:

  • Go to Google Images
  • Click on Tools (under search bar)
  • Click on Usage Rights
  • Select "Labeled for Reuse"

Those images are safe for students to use in projects!


Don't want a video to automatically play after the current video? At top right hand corner of the videos, unselect "Autoplay."

Make a GIF from your favorite YouTube video just by going to the video in YouTube. Once you are there, go to the web address and add the word "gif" after the "www." and before "youtube.com." It takes you to a site to create your GIF!


You can also start a video at a certain point and share the link to it starting from that point. When you click on "share" below the video, there is a "Start from" section and you can say at what time to start the video.


What an awesome way to have kids create a story! With Storybird.com, teachers can create an educator account and add students to your class. Then students use pre-made art as illustrations for a picture book, chapter book, or to inspire a poem. Students just need to add the story to make it come to life! What an awesome way to get the kids writing!

Ditch that Textbook

Matt Miller is the author of the book Ditch that Textbook. It talks about just that...leaving the textbook behind and doing more hands-on activities with your students. It also talks about integrating technology effectively.

Cool Google Tips

I watched Matt talk about some cool Google tips. Here they are: This first one you will want to add bookmarks!! If you want to create a new Google document, you don't have to go to your Drive first, then press CREATE button anymore! Just type in http://slides.google.com/create. Want a new Google Doc? Just type http://docs.google.com/create. New Google Sheet? You guessed it: http://sheets.google.com/create. New form? Yes. Just change the first word to "forms." Put each of these on your Bookmarks Bar in Chrome and then when you want to create something new, it's just a push of a button! Second and third tips follow in the captions of the pictures below...

You can now choose which students get which assignments in Google Classroom, making differentiation easier!
Go to http://blog.google to get all of the latest Google updates and new features.
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