Signing in to Google Classroom Signing in to a new device or re-signing in

On any device, Navigate to Google.com OR Gmail.com and use your school email address to sign in.

Be sure to sign out of other Google personal accounts. For safety, your Classroom is accessible by @smgschool accounts ONLY.

After signing in to your Google account navigate to the Classroom. Bookmark the link below for easy reference.


The Classroom "Stream" is where you can easily communicate with your teacher and the rest of the students.

It is also the easiest way to get to your classroom Meet for live class.

Video Setting, Your Outgoing should be set to 'low' - your Incoming quality should be set to 'high".

The first time using Google Meet, you will have to set up your Audio and Video settings.

For students, It is helpful to have headphones with a microphone.

Your @smgschool Google account also gives you access to the GSuite series of apps.

This is meant to get your started. Your teachers will be working with you throughout the year to gain mastery of the great tools. As always, if you are having an issue, email your teacher.

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Joshua Jones