7th Grade Peek of the Week-Return report cards signed for points! October 14-18, 2019

No School Monday, October 14th & Tuesday, October 15th!!

Enjoy time with friends and family and you take a small break to refocus!

Progress Updates went out Friday, October 11th!

Progress Updates (previously called Report Cards) went out on Friday, October 11th! Please ask your scholar for these. Summative Assessments count as 75% of your scholar's grade and Daily Assignments count as 25% of your scholar's grades. If you have any questions regarding your student's grades, please check Power School and be sure to check the "Comment" section to see if any feedback is given. If not, contact your child's teacher. Remember, tutoring is scheduled every Tuesday from 3:30 to 4:30.
You don't want to miss the dance! You may purchase tickets during homeroom, lunch, and/or bus dismissal!

Please send in EMPTY 2L bottles, 32 oz. mayonnaise jars with lids, glass pickle jars with lids, etc. This activity will end our unit on Ecology. We need jars by 10/16/19!

Please send in jars for our upcoming science project!

Atlanta Field Trip

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Planning on joining us? Please complete this form: https://forms.gle/pkHZhvKLsgcBr2vJ7
Please make sure your child has up to date vaccinations and a copy has been provided to the school... this is required for all 7th graders!
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You can get #BeBCMS newsletter in a variety of ways. It is posted to our facebook page every Sunday. It is sent out via Thrillshare based on the number you have stored as primary in Powerschool, and it is also linked on our web page. Please check your Powerschool primary phone information to make sure you can get texts from Thrillshare.
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What's Happening This Week:

ELA: Students will complete a study guide on Wednesday and Thursday and complete the Unit 2 Test on Friday.

READ180: Students will continue learning about how the country responded to the death of a leader as they read an excerpt from The Civil War called, A Nation Mourns, which describes the path of the funeral train and how people across the United States paid their final respects to their fallen president. In this text, students will learn how to write or speak knowledgeably about a subject using information from several text and will learn how to figure out key ideas of a text and cite text details as evidence.

Math: This week, students will continue learning about equations! Students will review one-step equations and will build on this knowledge by solving two-step equations! Please remind your student to stay on top of their math work and stay focused in class. Interactive notebooks will be checked every Friday.

Science: Life Science scholars are wrapping up our unit on Ecology this week. We will create our "Ecosystems in the Bottle" on Wednesday and Thursday and have a Summative Test on Ecology Friday. We are still asking for 2 liter bottle donations. Students have learned many new facts about our ecosystems, specifically how biotic and abiotic factors cycle through the environment. We have learned that organisms are interdependent on one another and their environment. Finally, we ended this unit by discussing how important organic elements , like water, carbon and nitrogen, cycle through the ecosystem and are essential to all life on Earth. The study guide and PowerPoints are posted on the Google Classroom.

Social Studies: On Friday, students gathered up information about the governments of Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Israel using the FreedomHouse website. This week, students will take that information and turn it into an infographic to compare and contrast two of these country's governments. We will not have a test over this unit so this project will count as their summative grade.

What Is For Lunch?

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