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If you are anything like me, about 3 months into doing what every other boudoir photographer was doing I felt deflated, slightly uneasy about what I was doing, and unsure of my purpose. After all, I had dropped all the other stuff because I knew boudoir was my "destiny" but why didn't I feel fulfilled??

The answer was because instead of really digging into WHY I wanted to use boudoir to spread my message of empowerment, I just "did what everyone else was doing" which made it easy for clients to go with someone else based on price. I hated this because I knew there was MORE I was meant to do.

So, I put it all out there...

Literally all of it. I did a blog post talking about my struggles with body image and I changed my about page to showcase my truth and my mission.

Within less than a month, I had claimed the title of "Empowerment Photographer" in Winnipeg because every post, every social media status or image, every conversation resounded my WHY.

Interestingly enough, my WHY was about accepting yourself and being 100% authentic, which I find is the most difficult thing for people, so I am creating this course to help you dig deep and share the shit that you think is your "kryptonite"....good news, we will make it become your superpower.

Here's what's going to happen:

1. I am going to share my story (in more detail than above) to give you a wee bit of inspiration on why accepting yourself wholly and completely is good for you AND for your clients

2. We are going to do some writing/sharing exercises to help you dig deep down and really explore who you are, what you like, what you dislike, and WHO you want to attract.

3. You are going to walk away from this mini-workshop with customized About pages, blog post ideas, and solidified mission statements to set you apart from every other fucking photographer out there....why? BECAUSE YOU ARE DIFFERENT THAN EVERY OTHER FUCKING PHOTOGRAPHER OUT THERE (YES, EVEN IF YOU USE THE SAME PRESETS :P)

4. We are going to chat about the importance of sharing stories even if you can't write worth shit and how to communicate your message to your clients in a variety of ways!

4. Lastly, we are going to learn how to harness social media, your local media, and the importance of making you a specialist in more areas than "just photography" and how you can make a bigger difference in your clients' lives, setting you apart from all of the other traditional photographers in your market.

Here's what people have to say about working with Teri:

"Teri is very knowledgeable when it comes to the boudoir bizz and women in general. You can feel the passion when she talks about it. Which is what, for me, makes the experience so memorable and beneficial. I loved every minute of the workshop! I was given a lot to think about with my business which is very helpful. Made me think about why I need to figure my "why" and why it's so important to follow it." -Sam Stregger

"Having attended a few workshops in the past 2 years I always left feeling unsatisfied with either the way the information was delivered, or not enough shooting time, or not great communication ect. I have to say this was the best workshop I have ever done. Teri goes above and beyond by constantly giving you feedback, showing and demonstrating. Touching base with YOU and YOUR business. She is real. She is honest about her business which is so refreshing (No sugar coating!) She gives her honest opinion on everything and will answer literally any question. The Workshop wasn't just about photographing a pretty model but also about who we are and WHY we are interested in Boudoir Photography. She digs deep- really makes you think! It's not just surface stuff. (No fluff!)" -Alicia Marie

"Teri has a contagious passion for what she does and I left feeling inspired. It was a very informal and non-threatening learning environment and it was evident that Teri, despite all of her talent and success is just a down-to-earth person with a huge heart and desire to help people reach their full potential." - Mark Phinney

So, if you are ready to get weird with me, here's how you can do that:

To sign up for the 9am-noon class on the 2nd day of Camp Do More, simply email: with the subject: I WANNA GET WEIRD WITH TERI

I will follow up your email with an invoice for the amount of $250USD and once it's paid, you are in!! Spaces will be limited so if you wanna get in, get in quick!



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