Taylor L. Bacon Art therapy

Welcome! My name is Taylor L. Bacon and I am an aspiring art therapist. I am currently an interdisciplinary studies student at the University of Central Florida. Here my studies focus around psychology, art, and education. After I earn my Bachelor's degree I look forward to continuing my education in graduate school to earn my Master's degree in art therapy. In my career, I see myself running my own private art therapy practice where I can give my clients a safe place to go on an artistic journey to explore themselves in a deeper way than before.

Graffiti Project at Wynwood Walls, Miami, Fl.

For me, art is the ultimate way to express myself, communicate with others, and find a deeper meaning to the world around me. In first grade I was featured in my first art show for paper weaving, since then my passion for art has continuously grown. While attending high school I made sure to keep time for art in my schedule and was featured in two separate art shows, both for ceramic pieces. Also while in high school, I learned I have a deep passion for helping others. When friends and family needed a safe place to ease their minds, they came to me. It was in college where I learned I can use both of my passions in my future career. As an aspiring art therapist I strive to give my clients a safe environment in which they can explore themselves and reconcile any self-doubt. In my education path towards my master's in art therapy, I look forward to gaining detailed knowledge of the human mind and emotions while simultaneously grasping a deeper understanding of the art world and what it entails. In my career, I see myself running my own private practice for art therapy. In addition, I aim to implement self-healing practices, such as color therapy, aromatherapy, and ecotherapy into my practice. With my client's best interest first, I am inspired to be the best art therapist I can be by bringing my passion for others and art together.

Acrylic on Canvas for Portfolio

I have always found myself amazed by the beauty of the world, all aspects of it. From the colors in the sunrise to beautiful human beings, the world is filled with wonder. I found the best way to satisfy my craving for education in both art and science was to immerse myself in interdisciplinary studies. I am blessed to be studying psychology, art, and education at the University of Central Florida. From studying all of these subjects I have gained a deeper understanding for others and the world around me. Some of the most valuable lessons I have learned from my interdisciplinary studies are how to be an innovative thinker while using skills from my different subject areas to see the big picture in a different perspective. As I gained the tools to see the world from all perspectives I realized I was empathetic and passionate when it comes to others. In addition, throughout my life I have been in awe with the art world. I knew I had to bring both of my passions together. Since then I have been on the track to become an art therapist. I strive to bring my kind and understanding values to my future clients. In addition, I want to guide them artistically on a journey to self-discovery. I am currently preparing myself for graduate school while attending the University of Central Florida. Here I am studying psychology, while taking a specific liking to women's mental health. In addition to my science studies, I have excelled in courses which prepared me to be both an educator and a leader. I am also currently studying art which gives me the opportunity to explore the past and understand the ideas artists were trying to convey. Studying art also helped me to advance my critical thinking skills by being taught to read deeper and move passed the superficial ideals of the world. In all, interdisciplinary studies has given me the opportunity to advance my critical thinking skills through art, psychology, and education. I am ecstatic to be using all of my passions in my future career. As I continue on my path to graduate school I am to continue finding more diverse way to view the world and solving problems.

Program of Study
Future Program of Study

The motivation behind my schedule was my dream to be an art therapist. By studying a range of ethics I have become a well rounded individual who is capable of seeing the word in many different lights. I aim to attend graduate school and continue my studies in art and psychology. The graduate program I am seeking requires the drawing classes I will be completing this year at the University of Central Florida. In addition, I have specialized psychology classes in my program of study because I would like to specialize in teen and women’s mental health.

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