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Global Winds are the directions were winds blow at different latitudes throughout the world. They are made up of Easterlies, Westerlies, and Tradewinds.
Global Convection Currents is the constant movement of warm air from the equator to the cold air of the poles.

The Coriolis Effect is an effect that causes air to curve as it travels across the Earth's surface. In the Northern Hemisphere wind curves right and in the Southern Hemisphere wind curves left.

The Global Wind Belts is the three belts that Global Wind Patterns are divided into. The belt closest to the poles between 90 and 60 degrees latitude is Polar Easterlies. Next is the Prevailing Westerlies which lies between 60 and 30° latitude. The last belt closest to the equator is the Tropical Easterlies which lies between 30 and 0° latitude.

Doldrums is an area along the equator where hot air rises. In this area there are no horizontal winds.

Horse Latitude is the area around the latitude of 30°, there is high pressure causing it to be hot and dry. This area produces little wind which is the reason the horse latitude is home to the worlds hottest and driest deserts.
Trade Winds is the area of constant easterly winds starting around the latitude of 30° and ending in the equator. Here the heat from the equator starts to cool around 30° latitude and circle back down to the equator, this is called trade winds.
The Prevailing Westerlies begins at 30 ° latitude and end at 60° latitude and it's where winds from the West move to the East

Polar Easterlies is the last belt and occurs between 90 and 60° latitude. This is where high pressure winds blow East to West towards to the Westerlies.

Jet streams are fast easterly moving air currents that occur in the troposphere at 20 to 30° latitude in both hemispheres.
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