Hurricane Katrina 2nd period history

Before the disaster

On August 23, 2015, Hurricane Katrina started to form over the Bahamas, and meteorologist predicted that a large storm was coming. The day before the disaster, August 28th, the Mayor of New Orleans issued the city's first mandatory evacuation order. 500,000 people did not have access to a car, so the Super Dome acted as the "shelter of last resort". By that night, 80% of the people had left New Orleans, and tens of thousand of people stayed at home praying for the best.


Early morning Monday, August 29, 2015, the Gulf Coast was struck with Hurricane Katrina. According to, "the storm itself did a great deal of damage, but its aftermath was catastrophic". Experts have estimated that it caused around 100 billion dollars in damage.


Before Hurricane Katrina struck heavy rain had been falling for hours. Officials worried about short term flooding, but no one thought that levees would collapse. Water started to go through the soil in levees, and as a result they started to collapse. After the hurricane had happened, about 80% of New Orleans was under water. In some places water was up to 20 feet deep.

The Government's Role

According to, the federal government "seemed unprepared for the disaster" and many people said that the government did not step in to meet the needs of the people that were harmed by the storm. The FEMA, Federal Emergency Management Agency, took multiple days before having operations done in New Orleans. It was also said that President Bush did not seem to know just how much was damaged and what was going on.

Aftermath & Fatalities

The Aftermath of hurricane Karina was tragic. The Coast Guard saved 34, 000 people in New Orleans. Rescuers were saving people from rooftops. By Tuesday, plans were being made to have the people in the Super Dome, which was over 10,000 people, evacuated. Also, about 370,000 customers had no electrical power by August 30th.

  1. Alabama- 2
  2. Florida- 14
  3. Georgia-2
  4. Louisiana- 1, 577
  5. Mississippi- 238
  6. Ohio-2
  7. Kentucky-1
  8. Total- 1,836


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