Canbury School Newsletter 7th February 2020. issue 183

Dear Parents and Visitors

How can it possibly be Friday again?! But it is. And its almost the end of this half term too! It's been another fast-paced week here at Canbury, with Parents' Evening on Thursday as well as the Duke of Edinburgh information meeting beforehand. Whilst Bronze is compulsory here at Canbury for the Year 9s, Silver is 'optional'. I do however hope that as many Year 10s as possible take up the Silver opportunity - I cannot understand why you wouldn't.

The hall was as silent as anything at 1.35pm today when we heard from Hari from Blesma, the only national Armed Forces Charity that supports limbless veterans for the duration of their lives. They also send their members out to speak to young people about overcoming adversity and becoming resilient.

We bid farewell to LSA Mrs Rabson this week, who left us on Tuesday following 15 years here, for pastures new down on the south coast. We wish her the very best in her retirement. What a brilliant time to head to the sea - just in time for the Spring! Thank you for all your hard work here Mrs Rabson (pictured above with Jessica and Chloe) .

A polite reminder to please ensure your child's Oyster card is kept fully topped up. We've had a number of incidents lately when our students have been denied access to the bus because their Oyster cards couldn't cover the cost of the journey. Apparently, the driver is within his rights to refuse the children entry on the bus if their cards do not work. Needless to say, I had steam coming out of my ears and expressed my HUGE concern to some 'Customer Service' representative on the telephone. Otti in Yr 9 and I are going to stage a protest outside Fulwell Bus garage.

As I said, it's been a busy week. Even Ned is ready for the weekend!

Kind regards

Ms Clancy


Students of the week

Year 7

Angus for his excellent contributions to class discussions in Mathematics.

Layla for her welcome and support to the trial student in puzzles and games club at lunchtime on Wednesday.

Freddie for insightful comments in well being.

Fantastic dancing by Year 7 in their Drama lesson today - even Ms Clancy joined in . . .

Year 8

Flora for her excellent, reflective writing on ‘The boy at the back of the class’ in literacy.

Zac for his excellent effort and positive start to Statistics.

Adam, Ross, Carl, Connor, Kyrell and Flora for excellent, focused work in well being.

Anders for already knowing 95% of his lines in Drama for the forthcoming “Holiday Cottage”performance. Way to go Anders!

Connor for excellent work on co-ordinates.

Flora for brilliant focused work across all subjects this week.

Year 9

Otti, Larry, Harry, Matthew, and Shaaiyon for their excellent effort and positive start to Statistics.

Harry A, Ain and Matthew for their active participation during the talk from PC Evans on Social Media in PSHE.

Year 10

Evie for her support of other students.

Max, Evie and Louis for their excellent effort and positive start to Statistics.

Rhian for her hard work and focus on the recent Mathematics test.

Harry B for his hard work in Functional Skills English and interesting chat in 1:1 session.

Alex for his focused work across lessons.

Year 11

Amy for her positive approach to Mathematics and determination to develop a greater understanding of vector geometry.

Emily for her continued hard work in Mathematics.

Rosie for excellent solutions in Mathematics.

Year 12

Luca and Jasmina for their continued application and hard work in Mathematics.


Canbury students are loving their yoga and dance sessions. It would appear staff are getting just as much enjoyment out of these as the students! Can you spot Mr Huw and Mr Sutton giving 100%?!

Sports timetable for this half term

House Awards

Olivia M - Gold Star 100 House Points

All in a day's work - Emily gets plogging for a cleaner planet.

They say if you want something done ask a busy person. So we weren't surprised when news reached us that Year 11 GCSE student Emily was out on Saturday 'plogging' in her local park. 'Plogging' is a Swedish initiative, where people go out for a run, jog or walk which they combine with picking up litter. In not much more than an hour the ploggers collected a rather astonishing amount. Collected cans are recycled into kitchen knives and the retrieved plastic is made into handles for the knives. So as Emily's mum remarked, something good comes out of the collected rubbish, as well as a much cleaner park.

Well done Emily. We understand she is going to arrange for some Canbury plogging to be done as part of her environmental prefect portfolio!

Year 7 Chloe could be forgiven for yawning in school today, as she had a rather late night on Thursday treading the boards. Performer Chloe took part in “Dance to the Music” at The Harlequin Theatre in Redhill. Starring alongside our Chloe was former Strictly Come Dancing professional Kristina Rihanoff. Here’s a photo of the real star of the show in her fabulous costume.

Look at this photograph taken by Year 11 student Amy. With the creative assistance of Ms Dar and Rosie, she photographed Mrs Mascari for an externally set assessment as part of her Art GCSE. Amy chose the subject of Concealment. Well done Amy, we can't wait to see your final outcome!

Express Friday Club for autistic teens - NEW CLUB

Express Friday Club is a supportive and inclusive group for teens aged 13+ which aims to foster connection, communication and interaction through structured games and creative ways to express ourselves.

Spaces have become available for the club, which runs during term time in Tolworth from 5.15-6pm.

Benefits of small group meetings include:

Confidence building

Increase of social interaction skills

Enjoyment and fun

Helping to feel comfortable and at ease with others

Finding ways to effectively communicate

Express Friday Club will be run by Ali on Fridays 5.15pm-6.00pm at Express CIC during term time. The club will be for teenagers aged 13+.

We have spaces for some new members to join

To sign up fill out a referral form - http://www.expresscic.org.uk/uploads/2/3/7/6/23765745/express_groups__referral_form.docx

and email to efc@expresscic.org.uk

Meet the member of staff

Woop woop. It's that bit of the newsletter where we throw caution to the wind and try and find out something new about a member of the Canbury family. This week we take five minutes out with Birthday Girl Mrs Davies, our new(ish) receptionist who joined us in November. In just ten questions we finds out how she likes to torment her daughters, loves to dress up and how you wouldn't catch her going anywhere NEAR a bungee rope.

Me and my dog - Mrs Davies and Oscar.

Would you rather bungee jump or go up in in air balloon?

Definitely a balloon...

Best holiday you've ever had?

My honeymoon in Thailand and Malaysia

How did you celebrate your birthday yesterday?

Coffee in bed then presents and cards with the children over breakfast. Dinner out in the evening so no cooking or clearing up!!

If Voldemort offered you a hug, would you accept?


You can time travel - where and when are you off to?

To the roaring 1930's, 'love the dresses.

If there’s a spider in your house, do you kill it or set it free?

I usually torment my girls with it ;) then put it in the garden.

What does your ideal day look like - money and time are both plentiful.

Lovely warm sunny day. Day off work to go on the bike with my husband. Over to Dorney gardens. Tasty lunch then cycle home and meal out in London in the evening.

Which three people would sit down to your best ever dinner party with you?

My Grandad as he passed away 21 years ago. I still miss his wisdom and humor.

Sir David Attenborough as he is just an amazing man.

Fellow Welsh man Tom Jones

Have you ever told a lie to save someone from getting hurt?

Not that I can recall.

Your 13-year-old self is walking towards you - what advice would you give her

Please pay more attention in school....

What's the very best thing about your beautiful dog Oscar?

He always has to be where I am in the house. A bit like a toddler without the tantrums...

And the best thing about working at Canbury?

The children and staff have been very kind and welcoming to me.