Elements and Priniciples By: Cloe worley

The photographer used the telephone lines as the lines for the art.
There's only triangles but they all blend in together.
they used value with the shading of the pearls and the extra lighting. Helped make the value come out more.
They used color by putting all the different colors together and the all look really good together
They used texture by making it look rough like stained glass in a church
He used the form of the bottles so they'ed all be perfect put together.
He used space of Morgan Freemen's face by only using a little bit of pieces of magazine but you're still able to see his face.
You can see the rhythm in his face the different colors make up his face. Like there's a pattern with how his face is made up.
He balances most of the colors with brighter and darker colors
They used unity by only using one thing but it looks good even though it's only a person with his hand on something over and over again.
He emphasized on the bridge most of all that's why it's called emphasizing it's the brightest thing there.
He used contrast by making them all mix together to make a rose...all the colors are contrasted.


Created with images by blickpixel - "peacock four spot feather" • Jim_K-Town - "kriss crossed" • lamdogjunkie - "Shapes" • WerbeFabrik - "jewellery pearl bangle" • LoggaWiggler - "substances colorful color" • MoNyKa - "dragonfly wing nature close" • Alexas_Fotos - "bottles alcohol form" • pedrosimoes7 - "VHILS - Dissection" • ©Moon Photography by Mel - "John Lennon Hand Painted by my boss Ryan Oyer" • new 1lluminati - "Perfectibilist Caduceus" • familymwr - "2008 Summer Olympics - Opening Ceremony - Beijing, China 同一个世界 同一个梦想 - U.S. Army World Class Athlete Program - FMWRC" • familymwr - "Army Photography Contest - 2007 - FMWRC - Arts and Crafts - Bridge Into Fog" • freestock.ca ♡ dare to share beauty - "Starry Night Rose - Hybrid Oil & HDR"

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