Roman Palaces By: Zoe Prestbo

In Rome there was a vast residential complex that most of the emperors of Rome had lived on at some point in time. This place was called Palatine Hill.

Palatine Hill

Even if the emperors of Rome had access to riches and wonderful houses, others preferred to live simply. An example of a well known Roman emperor who lived in a relatively simple house would be Emperor Augustus.

Emperor Augustus (63 BCE-14 CE)

There were many emperors who issued buildings of all kinds to be made during their rule but one of the most memorable pieces of architecture built that still exists today is a palace built by the emperor Nero. The palace is named the Domus Aurea. Domus Aurea in English means house of gold. It is commonly referred to as Nero's Golden House. The Domus Aurea today is partly a museum where tourists can look around and experience a piece of Roman history.

murals in the DOmus Aurea
Room 78 in the Domus Aurea

Questions: What was the name of the hill that many Roman emperors lived on?

True or False - Did all Roman emperors live in lavish palaces?

Who was an emperor who lived simply?

Who built one of the most memorable palaces that still exists today?

What does Domus Aurea mean?

Answers: Palatine Hill



Emperor Nero

House of Gold

Sources : Palaces of Roman Emperors By: Aldrete, Gregory S.


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