environment and sustainability by Nina Zangana

our planet is beautiful, but if we don't start to recycle more or to use less petrol and diesel cars our planet might become filthy and polluted and it might become dangerous for us. For some more information.....

Transport with petrol and diesel cars are polluting our air, but now that we have Eco friendly cars which are electric cars. The electric cars are helping the environment because they run on air and water. It will help us breathe much more clean air than the air we have now and it will help us live a much more of a healthier life if we start to walk, cycle or scoot to school or work. Also, diesel trains pollute the air(only overground trains).
Sometimes using energy can harm the earth. Like using power stations that release fossil fuels and power plants that pollute the air and even renewable energy facilities can have an impact on our wildlife(like fish or birds) on the other hand renewable energy is better for the environment and the economy and it prevents any nuclear meltdowns. Nuclear energy has no place in a clean, safe or sustainable future. Nuclear energy is both expensive and dangerous and just because nuclear energy is invisible doesn't mean it is clean.
We are not the only people damaging our environment because we are hurting our creatures as well because we are taking them and killing them and taking their meat just for us to survive and have a variety of meat, dairy, and all other types of nutrition we need to survive. If you have a beef hamburger it is made out of cow and cows have a variety of things like energy, fat, saturates, but the thing they have fat in it and fat is bad for you.
Every square meter there are 1 million pieces of plastic thrown into sea and if any sea life saw it and ate it it would go straight into their stomach and it would eventually kill them, and that would also be affecting our environment because if we are killing animals it will not help the environment because killing animals is going to make the sea run out of sea life and become a sea of dead sea life and a flood of plastic so if we don't start to recycle more we will end up with a world of plastic and air full of pollution if we don't start to take care of our world this will continue and it will start to get worse.


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