Harn Museum of Art Haroon Ahmad

As an upcoming civil engineer, son of an architect, and an enthusiast in roman culture, I found this map art of one of the districts in rome to be particularly enlightening. At first glance, it just seemed like another map; however, taking a closer look created an experience much more intense. I had never valued the complexity and artistic meaning of the city of rome (especially not from a map) until I had seen this in person. In a way, it even inspired and motivated me to continue on my path of civil engineering and possibly city management.
One room I found appealing was this central wooden room. This space had a slightly warmer tone that made me feel like I was at home. The open space gave more of a feeling of freedom, which none of the rooms gave to me. The complete wooden design coupled with the bright windows leading to a garden easily made this room the most tranquil and relaxing to walk through. I may even have to implement this style into my future home.
As an advocate for women's rights and a strong supporter for equal rights for all people, I found this piece of art enlightening in a strange way. Not only did it bring to light some clear social injustices, but also conveyed the strength of a woman's spirit. To continue to pursue the career that they want even though they do not get the same fair pay is a trait of which I envy. This artwork also inspiring in a way to keep fighting for true equality, especially in light of current events.
This Buddhist statue was placed perfectly in the tranquil wooden room. This statue served a reminder of our readings of seeking the good life, and to not just rely of seeking pleasures and ignore the rest. It made me think back to Siddhartha's journey and how nirvana can be attained by anyone. It especially was a great last stop in my experience so I was able to leave with a peaceful Buddhist mindset.

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