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Mr&MRS Smith Studios is now offering

Brand Extraction, Exploration and Expansion

The starting point for all this is with our Unshakable Foundation Program. Yes, a lofty and descriptive title, but that’s just because we are very passionate about the authenticity being cemented behind all brand decisions. When this is solid. Every other decision comes so much easier.

The Unshakable Foundation Program intentionally avoids putting too much emphasis on the visual part of a brand at the start, as the focus of it is mostly on the culture part of your brand. Because that is what you are building; a culture to attract the other people out there looking for the answers that you have.

After all, your brand is actually what people SAY about your business when you are not there. Don't you want to have a say in what they are saying?

Picture some of the people that are filling your first offering, purchasing your product or walking into your store. Were they attracted to your logo, colours, fonts and web design? Or were they inspired to be your early adopters because your message is clear, concise and authentic to your voice? Because your irresistible offer speaks to their soul’s need to be lifted up with the answers you have waiting for them. This part will become very clear when you go through our “Million Other Me’s” segment, which is all about defining your ideal client, creating their avatar and how best you can serve them. From there your logos, colours, fonts, web design and social media strategies will more easily fall into place.

Just a couple of 'good to knows' before we get to the nitty gritty...

  • The pricing that is next to the module's title is the a'la carte pricing. Should you want to commit to doing 2 or more of the modules up front, there will be a 7% discount AND we have a fantastic set of bonuses to reward that commitment!
  • The Unshakable Foundation Program is a must! As you will see in the descriptions below, it is the foundation for all the other work.
  • We have 3 payment options, which will be listed down below.
  • Once you have read everything over and had time to think on it, we would love to schedule clarity call to answer any questions you may have and discuss timelines.

So, here's the rundown...

Unshakeable Foundation Program ($5,300):

In the Unshakeable Foundation Coaching, through a series of exercises and conversations, you will learn about the entrepreneurial mindset, creating habits and routines for success, develop a detailed avatar for who your ideal client is and how to speak her language, and extract all the knowledge you have gleaned through your life experiences that you want to share with this ideal client.

Here are a few titles of the exercises we will be doing:

  • How do you best work?
  • The Time Myth
  • The Clarity Tool
  • Ideas Worth Doing
  • The ‘Not To Do’ List
  • The One Thing
  • The Disservice of Not Selling
  • The Passion Riff
  • The Success Loop
  • Your Life’s Needle Movers
  • Your “Why”- Going 7 layers deep
  • Discover Your Superpower
  • Defining your Origin Story
  • Narrow Your Niche
  • Million other Me’s: the Ideal Client Avatar
  • Extracting What to Teach

Once you have completed the Unshakable Foundation Program for laying your brand’s foundation you will have a defined understanding of your Brand’s mission, vision, offering & purpose (and we will be returning to some of these exercises, as they can be continuously evolving).

And with those elements defined, and your Brand’s core values at the forefront of decision making, we can now begin the process of content creation and implementation.

Messaging that Matters ($1750)

Now that you’ve gone through theUnshakable Foundation Program, you have all the deep understanding of what you have to offer and who you are serving. In this module, we help you craft the wording you need to convey these ideas to your ideal client in a language that speaks to them. When you finish this module you will have multiple bios (for your website, speaking engagements and social media platforms), micro-scripts for common questions like, what do you do? and what do you offer? You will have your tag line, email signature and other little slug lines to use in your marketing, as well as a refined list of avoidance words and focus language, so you can create habits around their use. Much of this will be added into your Branding Guidelines book after the Visual Brand Creation module is completed, so it’s all in one place.

Visual Brand Creation ($2,500)

This is where we get to decorate your brand. The part that many people get excited about and mistakenly start with. Here you get to dream, vision board, colour, and pin on Pinterest, everything that inspires you for your logos, colours and fonts. Once all these resources are gathered, we will revisit what was extracted during the ‘Core Values’ module and the psychographics of your Ideal Client Avatar in the UFC. Using these as a defining filtering system, you will rapidly be able to release the abundance of inspiration to discover the treasures, so that your visual brand design matches your culture brand’s purpose. With these big decisions made, we will begin the design process of building your brand bible, which includes colour schemes, mood boards, several logo options (including a primary identity logo and a second identity: submarket) and a visual book that will list out your colours, typography, logos, avoidance words & focus language, and all other design elements in one place, so whether you are doing your own graphic designs or having someone else do them for you, they will always be rooted in a consistent unified feel.

Of all the processes this one can be the biggest roller coaster of inspiration, overwhelm, excitement, questioning and decision making. But we will be with you through to the final detail.

Modern Brand Experience Photoshoot ($3550-$4600)

This is where many folks have first worked with us.

The modern brand experience is not just about getting photos done but a chance to be relaxed, styled and the centre of attention! From beginning to end you will feel relaxed, comfortable and confident that we will capture amazing images and through these images you can promote yourself in a genuine and attractive way. We will have a pre-shoot consultation before the big day to make sure we know how you’ve dreamed of being photographed, to give you a genuine web focused/branding presence session that represents you in the best way possible and communicates your personality to your online audience, building trust and connection. In your shoot you will have a variety of looks, with up to 5 outfit changes and lots of setups & poses so there will be plenty to choose from. And we will also help you with styling (putting together outfits from what you brought) . You will be fully taken care of, including hair and make-up.

The modern brand experience includes: pre-shoot consultation to discuss how you dream of being photographed, coached photo session with styling, and guided selection session, where Tobin takes you through a meticulously developed decision process.

Website and Platform Consulting (package bonus)

Although we have created many, we are not website designers. We can refer you to a number of experts we have worked with over the years or you may know someone you would love to work with or perhaps this is something you decide to build yourself. Either way, you will have all the major decisions (from wording to colours and logos to photos) already made.

There are so many options for where to host. And they vary drastically depending upon your needs. From funnels websites, to apps that host communities and courses in one place, to sites that just host courses and give you access to their own search engines, there is a lot to choose from.

The great news is depending upon the decisions you’ve made in previous sections, the platform(s) that suits your needs will likely stand out above the rest. And we will help you wade through the plethora of options. Some of these we can help you set-up directly, others we are happy to guild you to an expert in that particular field of creation.

We have built this to go at your pace. You can take each module one at a time, investing in each segment as we move along, so you can work through at a your own pace. Or you can say “YES TO ALL OF IT” and commit to creating your first course with a timeline and tentative launch date.

Pricing Options

(prices do not include 5% GST)

  1. Pay As You Go: Only commit to one module at a time.
  2. Bundle and Save Payment Plan: Commit to 2 or more modules and save 7% off the total price. Pay over time with 4 equal monthly installments. PLUS you will get the following bonuses:
  • Includes a bonus 30 minutes per coaching call, should you want it.
  • 3 months of the Infinite with Tobin and Sarah

3. Bundle and Save Pay In Full: Commit to 2 or more modules and save 7% off the total price and when you pay in full get the bonuses listed above AND:

  • 3 additional Months of the Infinite with Tobin and Sarah
  • Website and Platform Consulting ($800 value)

Thank you for your consideration!

We look forward to hearing from you and would love to schedule a call to discuss your thoughts and any questions you may have.

Email us @ hello@mrandmrssmithstudios.com to schedule a call.


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