Severe Weather Formation Miguel Olmedo

Thunderstorm Formation has 3 stages: Cumulus Stage: warm air rises "updrafts", cloud gets bigger.
Mature Stage: cloud is at its biggest, lots of water pile up and cause precipitation.
Last is the Dissipating Stage: The cloud cools and the storm dies within 1-2 hours.
Tornado Formation begins with warm air rising.
Air begins to rotate creating a mesocyclone.
Air begins to roll and start to creat a vortex. Tornados are messured usind the fujita scale.
Hurricane formation begins with alot of thunderstorms.
Second warm air moves to center and rises creating clouds.
The clouds begin to form a ring called the eye wall.
The ring spins and begins to grow. Hurricanes get all their energy from the water.
Storms dies once it reaches land becuase theirs no more water, but the devastation from the water is horrific.


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