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Andrew graduated from Northwestern in 2000, and currently works for WK Financial as a self-employed financial advisor.

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"My role here is a self-employed financial advisor, working with my own clientele. I provide investment/estate planning, a variety of insurance products, and wealth management for people."

When asked about his experience attending Northwestern, Ehgoetz said "I had a great experience while attending Northwestern, I definitely made life-long friends while I was there. I still remain in contact with a number of them, and see them on a regular basis."

"After I left Northwestern, I attended Wilfrid Laurier University where I took Business and Economics. From there, I joined a large insurance company straight out of university, where I worked in a number of roles for six years. After that, I decided that I wanted to be back in Stratford, which is where I was born and raised. I decided to come back here and start a financial planning business."

Andrew as a Member of the Rugby Team at Wilfrid Laurier University

When asked about people who inspired him at Northwestern, Andrew said "I think there were a number of individuals who inspired me while I was at Northwestern. I look back and I was certainly involved in a number of sports, rugby being the main one. Certainly, Ian Robertson, and definitely Ed Fluter played a large part in keeping me engaged in school so we could continue with some of the extracurricular activities. As well a number of other teachers helped me throughout the years."

"I think that if I look back at my high school years, I probably would identify one specific year as being a culmination of my time at Northwestern. That would be in 2001, when our senior boys rugby team ended up winning OFSAA. That was a culmination of hard work, where a group of us went through together from grade nine and put a lot of time out on the rugby field. Having early practices, and really going above and beyond and coming together. I think that would be the culmination and the one item that still sticks out to me to this day."

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When asked about certain classes that helped him today, he said "When I was at Northwestern, I had a very strong focus on the business end of things. I took a number of accounting, math, and business classes as well. I look back and remember taking a typing class, and to this day I'm thankful that I can type things out on the keyboard pretty quickly. It's things like that I'll continue to carry with me for life."

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