El Cucuy Kimberly ramirez

A retelling of the story of two sisters who do not obey their father and are carried off into the dark by "El Cucuy".
Characters: The main characters are three sisters, papa, el Cucuy, and a boy.

Setting: In Mexico.

Plot Summary: The father was raising the children, and the two older girls always made the younger girl work harder. A father of three calls el cucuy to come get his two older daughters because they are being mean to their younger sister. El Cucuy comes at night to take the girls away to his cave in the mountains. The father searches day and night for his daughters and finally finds them as they come down the mountain after being rescued by a boy. They begged their father to not call el cucuy ever again and he did not have to because they were very well behaved from that time on.
Symbols & Archetypes

Meaning: The meaning was don't disobey your parents the Cucuy will come and get you!!!

Significance: Teaches kids not disobey your parents.

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