Sodium Demia Stonecipher

Sodium element symbol: Na

Element Name: Sodium

Atomic Number: 11

Protons: 11 Neutrons: 12 Electrons: 11

Atomic Mass: 22.9

Sodium is a solid at room temperature.

Sodium is an Alkali metal. It is physically silver and soft.

Humphry Davy discovered Sodium in 1807.

Sodium is used in the production of titanium, sodium cyanide, sodium peroxide, and many more things.

The most common use for sodium is salt.

Sodium is soft enough to be cut with a knife. It's melting point is 208 degrees F. It's boiling point is 1,816 degrees F.

Sodium reacts explosively with water. It combines with oxygen at room temperature. Burns yellow.

6th most abundant metal in the Earth's surface. Sodium is an essential part of element nutrition. There is only one stable isotope.


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