Islam Steven Russell


  • The founder of the Islamic religion is Muhammad
  • His teachings first started in Makkah then it began to spread throughout Asia, China and North Africa
  • The Isalmic religion is based off of the Juedo-Christian religion

Watch the video till 2:09 because after that it repeats with no sound

Major Belifes

  • The holy book of worship is the Quran
  • The place of worship is called a mosque
  • The religious leader is Muhammad but the god of Islam is named Allah

Various Sects

  • In the Islamic religion there are two major sects the Shia and the Sundi
  • The Shia believe the rulers should be people of decadence to muhammad
  • The Sundi believe the rulers should be people who follow Muhammad and do not need to be of decadence of Muhammad
  • Most people who practice this religion are Sundi's

Key Holidays and Celebrations

  • One holiday Muslims celebrate is Ramadan which from dawn to dusk you much fast. This celebration last for one month and at the end of the month there is a huge feast called Eid-al-fitr. The reason of celebration is for when Muhammad received the Quran from Allah.
  • Another Holiday that is very popular is Muharram which is basically the New Years celebration for the Islamic culture.
  • The last major holiday I will talk about is Mawlid-al-Nabi which is Muhammad's Birthday.


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