Robotics Club Prepares For A New Challenge By: lauren rutherford

Each year the Robotics Team enters the Sea, Air, and Land Challenge. This team divides into three smaller teams to complete the challenge. The teams work to create a flying device which can make air drops onto a forest fire, a submersible device to search for a sunken UROV (underwater remotely operated vehicle) and a land robot with the ability to deliver supplies to people trapped in a city building after a earthquake. These challenges are provided Penn State University.

Sophomore Tanner Coe and Junior Brandon Moon work collaboratively on this years land robot. Moon has been part of the robotics team for several years.
Sophomore Jacob Tapp brainstorms ideas. This year Tapp will be working on the air team.
Sophomore Tanner Coe shares his ideas with team member Jacob Tapp. Coe has been part of the team for two years and plans to continue on with the team. He will be participating as part of the land team.
The team works all year on their robots for competition. The competition usually takes place in April. The team will be traveling to Bloomington to compete against teams from varying states.

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