Faces of Veterans A project by photographer Steve Willette to photograph every veteran in New York.

For Stephen Willette, picking up a camera has helped him transition into civilian life.

After serving in the U.S. Air Force for 16 years, he was diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis and retired from service.

Finding the change difficult, he joined the Saratoga County Veteran's Peer Connection program to meet others who can understand what he's going through. There he met Amy Hughes, the program coordinator, who gave him the idea to start photographing some of the veterans in Saratoga County.

One photo lead to another and was born into the "Faces of Veterans" project, an opportunity for Stephen to meet, photograph and share stories of other veterans.

After photographing hundreds of veterans in Saratoga county, he set his eyes on the entire state of New York.

Stay tuned as we follow Stephen's journey to photograph every veteran in New York by 2020.


Steve Willette

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