Artificial Intelligence Lucas Silva

To me artificial intelligence is any thing online.

Artificial intelligence is to develop something superficial to be able to perfect things we can do.

They can..

Protect us

Water our plants

Give us company when we need it

Make us stronger

Carry us

Help us make the right choices

You know 😉

Be actors

If I had a robot my day would start out with my robot bringing me breakfast in bed. Then it would brush my teeth, dress me, do my hair etc. Then we would get in the car, which drives by itself and we would go to work. At work my robot would assist me and would help me make all the right choices. Then we would go home and it would make me dinner.

1. They can be a useful helper. 2. They can be used for the army, so that we will have less deaths. 3. They can drive us places. 4. They can help people with deffiensies. 5. They can be used to do many tasks that cannot afford a mistake. 6. They can be put to help us in places where there isn't many jobs. 7. Robots can be used to do jobs that humans shouldn't be doing. 8. People would have the chance of not doing hard and risky jobs. 9. In the army our accuracy would be better because robots don't make mistakes. 10. Robots would be able to build and maintain all the military machines up to date and with no problems so that when they have to be used they are ready.

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