Disney Land Paris The place where all the magic happens

Disney Land is a place where ALL the 'Disney Characters live'. It is full of rides, views, games, hotels, and many many more. It has been around for 25 years ( in 2017 ). They have seen more than 250 million visitors!

Disney Land Paris is one of the most well - known places in the world, excluding places like countries, landmarks, etc. Disney Land is often thought of as humongous, is often bigger than you would imagine.

This is the advert celebrating over 20 years of Disneyland Paris. It still goes on and appears on every television that has the quality to do so. It has been a long 20 years for Disneyland Paris so they wanted to celebrate it and get everyone to help celebrate and visit. To make more people do this they created lots of deals, available for everyone.

Pictures of well - known places, sights and things in Disney Land.

Some of my favourite parts / rides in Disney Land Paris

Some of my favourite parts of Disney Land are :

  • The Main Castle
  • The Evening Firework Show
  • Disney Land Studios

This is because in the main castle, there is lots of different areas in which you can visit / look inside. It also allows you to visit the top of the castle. It is very high, but is very safe. Another reason why one of my favourite places is the castle, is because when you think of Disney Land you think of the big castle as one of the most famous places. But when I arrived there, it was more amazing and taller than I had ever imagined!

One of my other favourite things is Disney Land Studios. It is a place where they do a lot of filming. It is amazing. One of the parts to Disney Land Studios is the film / cinema area. It has a special film that will play every hour. The film may be the same film all the time, but it is one of the best films I have ever seen! It will make you sad ( probably cry ), laugh, and more.

One of my other favourite things in Disney Land Paris is their evening firework show. This is a firework and movie show at the end of the day. It has lots of different parts to it, including : Fireworks, songs, parts from Disney films and many more. It is one of the most well known firework places in the world. It even shows a bit from it in the Disney Advert and part from the beginning of films. No wonder it is so famous!

Most Famous Parts Of Disney Land Paris

There are lots of places that you can visit in Disney Land. Some of these are extremely well known. These are the names of some of them :

  • Disney Land Castle
  • Disney Land Parade - that happens every evening
  • Disney Park - Hotel
  • Disney Land Restaurant and many many more.
Some images of the well -known areas of Disney Land Paris

Disney Land isn't just only famous because of the attractions and views. It is also famous for who lives there. Lots of Disney Characters live in Disney Land Paris. This makes it especially appealing to the younger audience. Some of the main characters in Disney Land Paris are :

  • Donald Duck
  • Stitch
  • Minnie Mouse
  • Anna and Elsa
  • And even Mickey Mouse!
Images of some of the characters in Disney Land

Disney Land also has a lot of amazing shops, where you can buy souvenirs like :

  • Toys
  • Magnets
  • Pens
  • Huge Toys
  • Cups
  • Sweets
  • And many many more

These are seen attractive to all audiences, ranging between the elderly and babies.

Disney Land is home to many many people, rides, views, characters, souvenirs. So you should come and visit and experience the fun and joy. Everyone loves Disney. You will too.

Thank you for experiencing the magic.

Digital Story - Made By Melissa Pontefract, Aged 13, Form - 9L


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