Mars Mission Plan How are we getting there?


In the year 2024 we will launch in the middle of the desert with a little launch base underground where we will send two rockets up to space. One of them will contain 10 people and meals for months as with our tech i will take up to 2 months. The other rocket will have supplies for a half a year and the round trip back to earth. Our mission is to plant devices to see where we could make structures able to stay on mars with people staying there. The Supplies Rocket (TSR) will go 2 months before my team goes.

Crew Selection

My crew will consist of 5 experienced astronauts while i will take a doctor with space experience, an astronomer who is familiar with whats out in space. An engineer with rocket building experience, and finally a scientist to explore and find new stuff in space.

Space Travel

The rocket we need to take is a big heavy rocket that can get through the atmosphere then break pieces of to become lighter as we go and rely on our fuel thats on the rocket while we have mini other rockets will fill the fuel every week. We will have a spining ship to prevent bone decay and we had a little computer ship that detected cosmic rays and destroyed them. We have the protective foam along with metal plating to be more protection.

Living on mars

We will live in little huts thats have be set up by special rovers that got there with TSR that have oxygen and our supplies inside. We have regular space suits while we have the backpack with oxygen and pressure on your back. We should finish our mission in 6 months and then leave specialty rovers to watch the sites marked and be able to keep them there for 1 year and then send more astronauts there to keep forfiling that mission until we have good enough tech to send more then 10 people.

What we want!
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