Have we been disrespectful to Indigenous people by Lachlan Avats!!!!

micro question 1.

Hw long have we been disrespectful to Indigenous people?

On 13 May 1787 a number of (11) ships were sent from England with passengers of 1,530 people. 736 convicts on 18 January 1788. Eight days after their discovery the ships left to a place now called port Jackson a few kilometres north.

Jackson port

then the population there grew into Sydney Australia`s largest city.


since the 17th century we have disrespectful to Indigenous people

How have we been disrespectful to Idigenous people in the past?

micro question 2.

We stole their land when they did nothing wrong. We nearly started war. In 26 may 1997 parliament house found out that people were taking indigenous children.

aboriginial child

How can we stop disrespecting Indigenous people

micro question 3.

One thing we should do is calling their sacred places their proper names. And respect their ways.

home to many Indigenous people

We should also stop destroying their homes and respect and let them do their way of living.Now days, when a group of new people to Australia, the elders perform a ceremony called `Welcome to Country`. It`s when the spirts allow you to come into the land.

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the sources lachlan Avats used were: wikipedia, google, the first Autraliains[book], history.com and first contacts [book]


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