How Do You Make A Masterpeice by OLYVIA

Topic [ painting]

Text stucshor [order and sequence]

Burning question for reader [ how do you paint my own masterpiece]

Clever subtopic headings

Mix and Making [mixing colors]

Your art’s foundation[paper or canvas]

Take your time [you are never done]

What Material [What do you use]

Section 1 Your Art’s Foundation

Section 2 Mixing And Making

Section 3 Take Your Time

Section 4 What Material

How Do You Paint A Masterpiece

Your art’s foundation

Your art’s foundation is very important. Your art is like a house if it has a good foundation it will be great from the beginning to the end. If you have a bad foundation than you art will be bad from the beginning to the end. I like to use 1 canvas because it has a nice texture. Canvas is a rough cardboard type of paper. It is bumpy but perfect for painting. I love it and it is easier to paint on because you can’t tear through it like you can do with paper .

Mixing and Making

If you are asking when are we going to talk about paint that please know that even though paint is in the name this is not ALL about paint itself. Color is great so use lots of it because it is what you will be doing until you are done. To mix colors you must have a 2paint pallet . A paint plator is a small dish you put paint on so when you mix colors you only get the amount you will need to paint that particular spot. To mix colors you Also need cup of water to wash your paint brush when transitioning to a new color.

Take your time

If I learned anything from my # AMAZING art teacher Mrs. Farley it is “your art has no time limit. But if you need more time take it.” she is such a great art teacher. Art is my second favorite class. [ Music is my first favorite class I love to sing but I don’t know much about it but so I wrote about art.] If you take two week to paint a really detailed painting that’s OK. Do you know how long it took Leonardo Da Vinci to paint one of his masterpieces, like two YEARS! So don’t give yourself a time limit or an art limit give yourself a limit to outer space not the sky Neil Armstrong didn’t have a limit to the sky and he’s why should you!

What Material

First you will need a brush no not a hairbrush not a toothbrush but a paint brush. A paint brush well you know what a paintbrush is but do you know what paint to use. Their is water color, acrylic , permanent and the craft paint you get in the little bird house kit. I and all the professionals use acrylic or permanent paint but that’s just me. You may be very good at water colors I’m not. Anyway that’s what you will need to make your own masterpiece also you will need a good teacher. Thank you for listening to me go on and on about my personal info and painting.

Thank you for reading my feature article i hope you learned something new. Now i know that you will make your own masterpiece and it will shine above all the rest. Again thank you for reading.



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