Outcome 4 Post-Test Analysis with Office Hours Visit

I went to my English TA and asked her what I could do to effectively make changes to my writing on my next paper. She told me to start sooner and submit my rough drafts to her as I go through the writing process so she could look it over and help me.

My plan to work on my next paper was to start three weeks in advance. It was a research paper on Special Education, so I had to have an annotated bibliography, research proposal, and the paper. To start with I wrote the research proposal and had her review it so that she could tell me if my argument was strong. This was also a key element of the paper because the research proposal contained my thesis statement. Being able to get advice on how to write it and having three weeks to work on it helped me to form a solid thesis. The second week I worked on the annotated bibliography. The annotated bibliography contained 7 of my 10 sources where I had to find two quotes per source and analyze how those quotes pertain to my argument. This portion of the assignment was helpful because it forced me to gather my quotes before hand and not be able to procrastinate on my paper. Finally, I wrote the paper a week before it was due and took it to my instructor to have her check over it.

This outcome helped me to realize that it is not a bad thing to go to the instructor of a class for help. In fact it is beneficial and the instructors want to help students. I have not received the grade back on the paper, but seeking help from my TA has made my nerves and stress about the paper lower. It also forced me to start and complete the paper well before the due date- that is something new for me because I procrastinate in almost everything I do.


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