It's a kind of magic Organic furniture maker Jim Crockatt tells Trish Lee how he enjoys watching the wood revolve and evolve into something beautiful

Jim Crockatt - Organic Furniture



Jim's work is predominantly making turned pieces, which are mainly bowls, platters and boxes from Oak, Sycamore, Ash and other native hardwoods growing in Bucklebury Common, where he has his workshop.

Jim says: "My philosophy is to like doing it and watching the piece of oak evolve and revolve into something never seen before. It’s a kind of magic...

"My techniques are limited to a blank piece of wood, a bandsaw to cut out the approximate shape, a lathe upon which to place the wood, a set of gouges to shape the wood, a selection of polishes and dies to finish the piece and my imagination to guide the lump of wood into a pleasurable piece to treasure and keep for ever."

You can also email Jim at jimcrockatt@gmail.com

The platters in the gallery are all made of Oak or Sycamore and are 16" in diameter.

They are selling for £4.