Harn Museum kahra williams

Medium of Art/Technique of Art: Going to the museum and being inside of an exhibit is a drastically different experience than looking at it from a website or your screen online. Being in the presence of a piece makes it come alive, and it makes one appreciate the time, effort, passion and heart put into the piece. Witnessing it in person lets the emotions from the work speak. When I looked at this piece, by Francis Criss, the three-dimensional aspects of the picture were so noticeable and bold, that if you were to see it online rather than in person, the picture would be lesser. This piece really stood out to me from a distance because it was so different from the others. The work of art was so daring and made me miss New York, all of the tall buildings and the thrill of living in the big city. The artist made bold color choices and really accented the sharp shapes in the painting.

Design of The Museum: The design of the museum itself is pretty bland from the outside, but that does not matter. What takes up on the inside is what we all come for. The inside is filled with beautiful lighting, clean floors and walls and a very secure feel. The exhibits all speak with different emotions and have different concentrations and mediums. My favorite wing of the museum was the Frida Kahlo exhibit. I have always been a huge fan of hers, and her artwork. I find her to be such a great human, and artist. The lighting throughout was mostly dim, and her works of art were accented by warm lights hitting her pieces. For her exhibit, they also had a projector room which projected documentaries of her, explaining and telling her life. The exhibit made me feel such a connection with her story and her pieces.

Art and Core Values: I have a huge passion for both art, and core values, so the meshing of the two and looking for that in art work is something that I really enjoy. The piece that I found to be fitting at the Harn is, "Road Worker" by Diego Rivera. To me, this speaks of hard work. That is a value that I very strongly believe in, commit to, and live by every day. Without hard work, I would not appreciate things or achieve them. This depicts that hard work will get you to achieving your definition of "Good Life" and will make you enjoy the cherish-able moments more when they come.

Art and The Good Life: I picked this piece by Monet because he is the king of impressionism. This is a beautiful painting of a field and it has always been one of my all time favorite paintings. The painting gives me a sense of relaxation and happiness because it reminds me of a careless- stress free day spent outside. The weather looks amazing and is beautiful outside. Impressionism is depicted to not look like anything up close, but the work from afar is beautiful and noticeable. This reminds me of "The Good Life" and how people can reflect on taking a step back from things and seeing the bigger, more beautiful picture.

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