The City of Broken Dreams Written By:Frank Gtz.

Its Los Angeles 1985, crime is at its all time high. Detective John Duck has seen it all. John Duck lived on the streets before. Duck stops at nothing to solve his cases. His son James is the reason he does all this. Detective Duck works alone and still gets the job done. He's tough ,but even Duck has his flaws.

John Duck

Detective Duck is in his office going through paperwork. When he suddenly gets a call from a lady who sounds horrified through the phone. The lady's name is Ms.Hops. She explains that she came home from the grocery store and found her husband dead. Her husband was shot multiple times. The man was Mr.Hops he owned a bakery downtown. Ms.Hops noticed that Mr.Hops always left on Fridays. He looked nervous every time. Duck accepts the case. He locks up his office and heads out to the crime scene.

Duck's Office

Duck arrives and is met with the police. The police tell Duck they have this one. Duck is annoyed by the cops.Duck knows the police will just slow him down. Duck lets the cops know its his case. Duck enters the house. He analyzes Mr.Hops body. He knows this was setup. Duck asks Ms.Hops if she knew where Mr.Hops would go on Fridays. She says Mr.Hops would tell her that he's going to the bakery. Ms.Hops trusted her husband and let him do his things. Duck gathers his notes and goes to Mr.Hops bakery. Duck checks out the bakery for more clues. Duck walks toward the cash register. He notices a note under the counter. The note is a schedule. The note has an address and a different amount of money for each Friday. Duck takes the note and journeys to the location. The address leads Duck to an abandoned junkyard. Duck explores the place ,but he finds nothing. Until, he hears a gunshot. Duck proceeds to the sound. He spots a man with a gun, and another man bleeding from his arm. Duck quickly tackles the man with the gun. They both get hits on each other. Duck is hurt but he can't lose. Duck gets his chance and knocks out the man. He takes the man with the wound to the hospital and the other to the police.

Crime Scene
Bakery Shop
Abandoned Junkyard

Duck meets up with Ms.Hops at the police station. Duck explains everything to her. Mr.Hops bakery wasn't getting enough business. Mr.Hops couldn't give up on his dream of having a successful bakery. Mr.Hops then met Ben Grimm a ruthless loan shark. Grimm had made a deal with Mr.Hops. Grimm would give the money for the bakery ,but Mr.Hops needed to pay Grimm back a certain amount of money every Friday. But even with the money his bakery didn't do well. Mr.Hops knew he couldn't pay Grimm back so he pleaded to Grimm to give him one more day. Grimm lied to Mr.Hops. Grimm tracked down Mr.Hops to his house and killed him. Ms.Hops burst into tears. Duck calms her down. Duck’s case was done.

Los Angeles Police Station
Ben Grimm

The cops put Grimm in jail. Duck gets in his car and drives to his office. Duck enters his office, he lays on his couch and sighs. He looks at a picture of his son and grabs a cup of apple juice. Duck knows this is just the beginning. Yet, he can’t escape the city of broken dreams.

Apple Juice


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