Co2 car By carter Bettersworth

History of dragsters, past present future.

Early dragsters

1, Wallace Gordon “Wally” Parks was born goltry Oklahoma, his family moved to Southern California in the early 1920's.

2, in the 1930's the dry lake beds of calafornia made great places to race dragsters later Wallace started the road runners club.

3, 1941-1945, WWII gives a generation of American kids a greater need to go fast and to daring thing with automobiles.

4, 1946 young adrenaline junkies start turning "no use jalopies" to speed machines.

5, the southern. California timing association was formed. Meant to organize the band of drag racers.

6 NHRA again worries that its cars are getting too quick.

7 ,NHRA introduces its Import Drag Racing Series with a six-race schedule2002: John Lingenfelter pilots the first front-wheel-drive car

.8, Gary Scelzi becomes the first Funny Car driver in NHRA history to eclipse the 330mph barrier, with a 330.15 second run in Chicago.

9 A new grassroots sanctioning body, the NHRDA (National Hot Rod Diesel Association), is created to push the limits of diesel-powered vehicles.Top Fuel race.

10 Hearing owners’ grievances, NHRA re-instituted the 90-percent nitro fuel regulations.

Simple dragster light, but very fast.

Funny dragster, doesn't have a lot of aerodynamic features.

Vintage dragster, probably 1960's

Dragster show,

Dragster in motion,

Dragster taking off.

My favorite dragster, I like the colors and detail.

My dragster design, I'm going for a fast design.

I can't wait to start my car but first I have to sketch the outlines.

My sketch and outline finished.


Just cut now I need to sand!

Sanded,(wheels just for looks) now I need to paint.

Painted for now!

My finished design, now for the race!

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