Mayan Travel Brochure By: Luke Olivas

Come and see all of the Mayan culture, artifacts, and achievements. There are many different architecture the Mayans made such as the picture above: The pyramid of Kukulkan. This temple was built to honor the feather serpent god. This building still stands today in Chichen Itza. The Mayans were located in Central Southern Mexico.

The Mayan Society had two parts to it, the higher city, and the lower farms. The higher society/city was located by the gulf of Mexico, when the lower farms were located in the pacific ocean area. They both had many differences between each other such as when they flourished, how the survived and what buildings and sculptures did they leave behind. For example, the higher city of the Mayan society flourish from 1800 B.C. to A.D. 250 when the lowland farms flourished from 2000 BCE to 1500 CE. The higher cities survived by building their houses out of mud too and had many more. When the lowland farms made their homes out of mud and farmed. The lowland also left their temple, when the highland cities left They left some of their homes.

This picture is of the Mayan class

Both the highland cities and the lowland farms had some similarities, for example, their class. The Mayan class was separated into two parts, the high class, and the low class. The people that were in the high class were Kings, Priest, Warriors and Merchants. The people who were in the low class were Farming Families, also known as peasants.

This Picture is of the Mayan religion. They used to draw it on stone.

The Mayans religion was the worship in only two gods. Those two gods were the Sun god and the Moon goddess. Those two gods were the gods that were worshiped in the Aztec Time.

This is a picture of the Mayan achievements and architecture

The Mayans had many achievements and those achievements were art, jewelry, math, science, writing and oral tradition. What the Mayans did in art and jewelry was that they used Jade and gold jewelry, and carved stone carvings they used obsidian to cut limestone blocks for art. What they did for math and science was that they had Observatories and the Mayan calender. Lastley, what the Mayans did for writing and oral taditon was that They kept records about their achievements and they written books such as the legend Polo Vuh.



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