Manifest Destiny pages 348-367

Rivalry in the Northwest

In the early 1800's, four nations claimed the vast, rugged land known as the Oregon Country.

Spain controlled California, and Russia had settlements south from Alaska into Oregon.

Adams- Onis treaty

Adams-Onis Treaty

Many Americans wanted control of Oregon in order to to gain access to the Pacific Ocean.

In 1818 Adams worked out an agreement with Britain for joint occupation.

Mountain Men in Oregon

These tough, independent men spent most of thier time in the Rocky Mountains and were known as the Mountain Men.

They lived in buffalo-skin lodges and dressed in fringed buckskin pants, moccasins, and beads.

Overtrapping limited the amount of pelts available, and changes in fashion reduced demand pelts.

What did America gain from the Adams-Onis treaty?
Many Americans wanted control of Oregon in order to gain access to the Pacific Ocean.

Oregon and Manifest Destiny- Marcus and Narcissa Whitman

Among the first settlers were Dr. Marcus Whitman and his wife, Narcissa.

They wanted to provide medical care and convert the Cayuse to Christianity.

Along the Oregon trail

Drawn by reports of fertile land, and driven by economic hard times in the East, many Americans took the trail.

These pioneers were called emigrants- people who leave their country - because they left the United States to go to Oregon.

In 1843 about a thousand emigrants made the journey.

America seeks its Manifest Destiny

Since colonial times, many Americans had believed their nation's mission should be to serve as a model of freedom and democracy.

Many believed that the nation's mission was to spread freedom by settling in the entire continent.

In the 1840's New York newspaper editor John O' Sullivan expressed in more specific words the idea of a nation mission.

"Fifty-Four Forty or Fight"

Fifty-Four Forty or Fight

In the 1844 presidential election, James K. Polk , the Democratic nominee, supported this desire.

A firm believer in Manifest Destiny, Polk was focused on acquiring Oregon.

In 1846 the two countries compromised.

Question: How did Polk's views differ from Clay's in the 1844 election?
Answer: Polk won the election because the whig support was not united with Henry Clay.

Lesson 2

Statehood for Florida and Texas

Question: How did Florida become a state?
Answer: Florida became a state under the terms of Northwest Ordinance of 1787.


The leading planters of northern Florida played a major role in the government and politics of the area.

Later, as news of the area's fertile land spread, thousands of new settlers streamed into Florida.

In addition, small farms and cattle ranches dotted the region of Central Florida.

The Territory Grows

In 1837 the census for the territory of Florida reported that 48,000 people lived there.

Florida's desire to enter the Union as a slave state caused some difficulty.

Statehood for Florida

With the question of slavery removed, President John Tyler signed the Florida statehood bill.

Question: What caused the population of Florida grow?
Answer: Planters from Virginia, Georgia, and the Carolina's had worn out


Many Americans also had enslaved African Americans, which Mexico threatened to ban.

In 1830 Mexico issued a decree, or official order, closing its borders to further immigration

There it found a small Texan force barricaded, or blocked off, inside a mission building called the Alamo.

The Alamo

The Texans had only about 180 soldiers to take on Santa Anna's army of several thousand.

The Texans did have brave leaders,however,including folk hero Davy Crockett, commander William B. Travis, and a tough Texan named Jim Bowie.

On March 6, 1836, Mexican cannon fire smashed the Alamo's walls.

Texas Declares Its Independence

On March 2,1836- four days before the fall of the Alamo- they declared independence from Mexico.

Texan leaders set up a temporary government.

They then established the Republic of Texas.

The Lone Star Republic

Houston sent a delegation to Washington D.C. , to ask the United States to annex, or take control of,Texas.

Andrew Jackson,however, refused their request.

Texas Becomes a State

Many Texans wanted to join the United States.

President Martin Van Buren put off the question of annexing Texas.

Question: Why did it take so long for the United States to annex Texas?
Answer: The slavery issue and they were trying to avoid war with Mexico.

Lesson 3

War with Mexico

Question: How did the Santa Fe Trail benefit the New Mexico Territory
Answer: It helped open the region to US economic development and settlement

The New Mexico Territory

William Becknell, the first American trader to reach Sante Fe, arrived in 1821.

The Sante Fe trail started near Independence Missouri, which was on the western edge of the United States.

Other Americans soon followed Becknell.

Question: How did William Becknell influence the American settlement of New Mexico
Answer: The Santa Fe Trail

California's Spanish Culture

Rancheros ranch owners treated Native American almost like slaves.

Shippers also hoped to build seaports on the pacific coast for trade with East Asia.


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