Bring Downs

Sometimes thinking on the nagative side of things can lead to a life full of madness and sadness. Thinking on the positive side of things can lead to a life full of happiness... I have difficulties with keeping my head up and thinking good things. When I wake up every morning my day starts off with me bringing myself down, when it comes to school it stresses and brings me down. I get overwhelmed and I stress.

Create Desire

By: Karen Volkman

The Peom "Create Desire" by: Karen Volkman shows Anxiety. I think that if I practiced a little more and kept trying to perform and speak in front of crowds and groups I would actually become less scared over time. I can't just snap my fingers and become the normal regular not afraid girl, this will take time I will not always be like this. And there are different types of anxiety and reasons for it I mean everyone has some type of anxiety


By: Amy Uyematsu

The poem "Delibrate" by Amy Uyematsu connects with me. I am a girl confused and filled with Anxiety. This poems speaks about the confusion and the stresses of anxiety. When I speak i talk with a chopped up voice and i cant keep myself focused on whats important. When i stand in front of a room where others are staring up at me i get nervous. In line 4 in the poem i think of ¨Syn/co/pa/ted beat¨ as the type of way a person thats nervous speaks its kinda how I speak in front of others.

Across a Table

By: Steven Cordova

I am the one to always think negative i have always tried to think positively but it never happens. I think on the dark side of things i believe everything my mind is thinking. I believe that everything that i think about is true, will actually happen, or is all about me and my doing. Lines 7 and 8 in the poem i can connect to ¨And who can blame you? Not me. I'm not the one¨ usually my mind accepts the bad things and i agree sometimes that things that happen are my fault but most times they really aren't, wish i was the one to tell myself that things aren't my fault all the time.


By: Sandra McPherson

Anxiety overwhelms me it causes me to become scared of speaking in front of my own group of friends or a group of untrusted people... I feel as if I'm being talked about, laughed at, and more behind my back. I could be able to speak maybe if all eyes weren't on me.


By: A. Stallings

This poem connects to my negative side. It talks about the darkness that comes with being Negative or an only negative thinker, I can't change what I think and I can't change me. Maybe later on in life i will change my way of thinking overtime right now I can't do anything about it.


By: Kevin Young

I don't know what is wrong with me I'm always thinking on the bad side of things. I think negative things, I wish I could think positive but I can't. When I think negative I'm not as happy as I should be, being positive and thinking positive is what makes a happier person and that is what I want to be. Always hiding underneath fake smiles and laughs.

Always Something More Bueatiful

By: Stephen Dunn

I love running I ran in track since the beginning of my Sweet Home Middle School years. Running and making a PR (Personal Record) makes me really happy. My speed is like a cheetah, running is my passion, if Im not running I'm unhappy. When it comes to running I don't let my pain stop me, I race inhaling and exhaling beating people next to me. When I run all of my problems go away.

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